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The Planet Loving Company - The Best in Sustainability

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There is so much to admire about The Planet Loving Company. A sustainable luxury fashion brand established by The Vampire’s Wife Co-founder Alex Adamson and sustainable activist Tabby Taylor. Its mission is to create desirable clothing that has the feel-good factor whilst at the same time ensuring that the planet nor its occupants are sacrificed in the process. When the company states that “we walk the walk, we don’t just talk the talk” this is no exaggeration. It has successfully integrated sustainability into its core values to minimise its environmental and social impact ensuring that short-term profits don’t turn into long-term liabilities.

Planet Loving Company
Planet Loving Company

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The Planet Loving Company prides itself on providing transparency in respect of each of its garments. Information as to the origins of the fabrics used (the silk used in its gorgeous wrap skirt comes from Nonna’s deadstock collection). The origins of the sewing threads, swing tags and even the woven labels are provided in respect of each piece. It also prioritises social responsibility by giving back to local communities with involvement in healthcare, education, and environmental conservation projects.

The Planet Loving Company has produced a luxurious collection of pieces but equally importantly, it stands as a superb example of a sustainable and conscious business which doubtlessly will influence other companies working within the fashion industry.