Our Story

Supporting small businesses and female founded companies

An impressive 84% of our sleep brands are founded or co-founded by women, a fact that fills us with immense pride!

As a company established by women, we deeply understand the significance of supporting fellow female entrepreneurs. Drawing from our own experiences, we are well-acquainted with the challenges women may face in the business world. We aspire for our platform to serve as a nurturing ground, empowering women to showcase their exceptional sleep products.

Each of our small business partners has been meticulously chosen by our dedicated team of in-house curators. It is our mission to provide them with a supportive platform, advocating for their success at every turn.

Our sleepwear is ethically and responsibly sourced, reflecting our deep commitment to our customers, workers, and the planet.

Identifying an unmet need in the market inspired us to create our own exclusive line of cotton sleepwear, crafted with the invaluable input of our wonderful customers and followers. Your feedback was the catalyst for our design – marrying traditional elegance with contemporary flair, all while prioritizing ultimate comfort. Crafted from airy, breathable cotton and designed for a relaxed fit, our sleepwear promises to transform your bedtime experience into something extraordinary!

Expert Advice

Dr. Alanna Hare, along with a panel of esteemed sleep specialists, contributes to our exclusive Expert Advice column, offering objective, evidence-backed insights on a range of sleep-related topics. Whether it's navigating sleep during pregnancy or unraveling the intricacies of what happens in a sleep clinic, our column stands as a premier resource. Beyond conventional medical treatment, it offers deep-dives and practical advice to enhance your sleep quality, making it one of the most reliable sources for improving your rest.