Are these the Most Innovative Pyjamas on the Market? – Dagsmejan Review

Finding something that is both scientifically-proven to improve your sleep and luxurious can be an annoyingly laborious task. 

Investigating sleepwear, mattresses, bed sheets or even eye-masks for example, will often cause us huge anxiety, as we crave for the assurance that whatever we buy will not merely be comfortable and value-for-money, but actually work. And of course, when it’s something as fundamental to our well-being as sleep – a universal and daily activity – there’s the added pressure to get it absolutely right. 

Sleepwear is an important investment, one that most of us don’t take seriously enough. After all, if we are willing to wear something (or nothing at all) every night in bed, we are effectively looking for something that keeps us warm enough, cool enough and cosy enough in order to have long-lasting, high-quality sleep.

Fortunately for us, Dagsmejan has accepted the challenge, and provided something that does each of those things, and so much more. 

Women’s NATTWELL™ T-Shirt – Various Colours

Spending several years researching nightly temperatures, sweat patterns, sleep positions and movements, Dagsmejan aimed to produce pyjamas that caters to each and every one of us.

Beautifully soft on the skin, Dagmejan’s sleepwear is made from Nattwell fabric, sourced from the natural fibre MicroModal. Extracted from beech wood and enhanced via revolutionary Edelweiss technology, all Dagsmejan sleepwear possesses four unique features, in the form of exceptional breathability, moisture management, a supreme fit and a wonderfully comfortable feel

Upon initially receiving the sleepwear, I was pleasantly surprised by the packaging. Not only was each garment housed in an elegant, designer-like black box, but each piece of sleepwear was accompanied by useful information about the product, including a note from Torbjörn Åkerstedt (Director at the Stokholm Stress Centre) detailing some helpful tips to improve your sleep. 

To some, this may feel like an ‘information overload’, as we are already inundated by products that promise to “improve” our sleep with relatively little effort.

However, what makes Dagsmejan different, is their obvious determination to help us improve our sleep, and their willingness to share the detailed-yet-understandable results of their extensive research with their customers. 

Why is its sleepwear’s moisture management 4x better than cotton at drawing sweat away from the skin? From where did they obtain the statistic stating that “over 95% rate” Dagsmejan’s sleepwear 10/10 for sleep comfort? All these questions and more, were answered within several minutes of opening the box, and only heightened my excitement to test the Sleep T-Shirt and Sleep Shorts out.

NATTWELL™ Night Dress Long Sleeve – Various Colours

Quite embarrassingly, I do have a tendency to sweat in my sleep (a lot). I am however not alone, as everyone sweats a bit when they sleep, with the average person losing the equivalent of one cup of water per night in sweat.

Nonetheless, if you are susceptible to waking up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat, and covered in damp clothing, you’ll know just how disrupting such an experience can be for your sleep.

To therefore, feel Dagsmejan’s Nattwell® fabric working its magic first-hand – transporting moisture away from my skin (whilst retaining some within the fibre’s structure) – and experiencing the cooling effect of moisture evaporation without the chill factor of wet clothing, was a revelation. No need to change out of my sleepwear. No need to have a shower at 3am in the morning. Just sleep. 

Then there’s the comfortability of the sleepwear.

Whether it’s a loose tag, or raised seam on a shirt’s shoulder/arm, these things can all infringe upon your comfortability, especially when you’re one to move around in your sleep. As a result, Dagsmjan‘s flat seams were an enormously welcomed addition to their sleepwear, as were their stretch engineered waistbands, which allowed me to feel at particular ease in my sleepwear.

Of course, there will be those that prefer tracksuit bottoms for the very reason that they can be loosened or tightened, and are able to withstand heavier objects lining your pocket(s). And indeed, I previously was that very person.

That’s why after several nights of using the sleepwear, I re-organised my bedtime routine, getting changed into my pyjamas only immediately before I got into bed.

Alas, gone were the days of preparing dinner in my pyjamas. But despite that, doing it soon renewed a sense of purpose to my bedtime. Much like a fancy dinner or special occasion, I was taking my time to prepare for sleep, ensuring my sleepwear would be crisp, clean and perfect for sleep. 

<strong>As part of their Research Development Dagsmejan worked with some of the worlds leading partners in the fields of smart textiles and sleep Amongst those was <em>Empa<em> the renowned Swiss federal institution for innovation in materials and science all to ensure that the fibre mix met our bodys needs during sleep <strong>

Dagsmejan have produced a truly innovative form of sleepwear, capable of maximising one’s quality of sleep and restoring energy for those with particularly busy lifestyles. Moreover, due to the advanced nature of their Nattwell fabric, travelling with the Dagsmejan sleepwear is particularly easy. So thin, flexible and light, their sleepwear will fit into a weekender-type bag with the greatest ease, and not take up precious space.

Functional innovations have long been part of sportswear’s appeal, as the likes of Nike or Adidas sportswear continues to evolve in both the function and style of their clothing / accessories. And yet, despite spending up to a third of our lives sleeping, the need for some form of functional revolution in sleepwear has previously been neglected.

In that sense, thank goodness Dagsmejan came along, and focussed upon providing something more than well-made, beautifully-presented and luxurious sleepwear. Instead, they have coupled luxury with innovation, comfortability with science, using an extensive array of sleep scientists, textile engineers, research and manufacturing partners to produce a product that potentially, could change our perception of sleepwear forever.

Never again will I view sleepwear as complementary to a good night’s sleep.

For me, after assessing Dagsmejan’s, sleepwear has now become essential to high-quality sleep.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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