The inspiration for Dagsmejan came from the co-founders, Catarina and Andreas's passion to lead a full life. Balancing a busy lifestyle, it is key for body and mind to get the fuel it needs to function, and that fuel is sleep. In sportswear design a functional revolution has taken place, yet we still spend one third of our lives sleeping, in one of the least innovative and purpose-driven garments around! So, Catrina and Andreas founded Dagsmejan dedicated to developing the most innovative sleepwear. Its team and ecosystem consist of sleep scientists, textile engineers, research and manufacturing partners from leading institutions and companies across Europe all united by their passion and vision-to find new ways to improve our lives through a better night's sleep. (Dagsmejan, a Swedish word, refers to the last days of winter when the warmth of the sunshine melts the snow despite the temperature still being below zero. It is the time when nature awakens after a dark and cold period).

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  1.   Men's NATTWARM™ Pyjama Shorts - Various Colours
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  2.   Women's NATTWELL™ Yoga Sleep Pants - Various Colours
    Out of stock
  3.   Men's NATTWELL™ Long Sleeve Top - Deep Blue Melange
    Out of stock
  4.   Men's NATTWELL™ T-Shirt - Various Colours
    Out of stock
  5.   Women's NATTWELL™ Yoga Sleep Trousers - Various Colours
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  6.   Men's NATTWELL™ Sleep Briefs - Various Colours
  7.   Women's NATTWELL™ Slip Dress — Various Colours
  8.   Men's NATTWELL™ T-Shirt V-Neck - Various Colours
  9.   Women's NATTWARM™ Turtleneck Long Sleeve Top - Various Colours
  10.   NATTWELL™ Nightdress Short Sleeves - Various Colours
  11.   NATTWELL™ Pillowcase
    Dagsmejan NATTWELL™ Pillowcase
  12.   Women's NATTWELL™ Sleep Bra - Various Colours
  13.   Women's NATTWELL™ Pyjama Shorts - Various Colours
  14.   Men's NATTWELL™ Sleep Boxers - Various Colours
  15.   NATTWELL™ Night Dress Long Sleeve - Various Colours
  16.   Maternity & Nursing NATTWELL™ Nightdress - Various Colours
  17.   Men's NATTWELL™ Long Pajamas Gift Set - Various Colours
  18.   Women's NATTWELL™ Long Sleeve Sleepshirt - Various Colours
  19.   Men's NATTWELL™ Pyjama Trousers - Various Colours
  20.   NATTWELL™ Black-Out Sleep Mask - Various Colours
  21.   Men's NATTWELL™ Trouser Cuff — Various Colours
  22.   Women's NATTWELL™ T-Shirt - Various Colours
  23.   Women's NATTWELL™ Shorts Shortie - Various Colours
  24.   Women's NATTWELL™ Sleepshirt - Various Colours
  25.   Women's NATTWELL™ Pants Cuff - Various Colours
  26.   Women's NATTWELL™ Trousers - Various Colours
  27.   Women's NATTWELL™ Long Sleeve Loose Fit - Various Colours
  28.   Women's NATTWELL™ Long Pyjama Gift Set - Various Colours
  29.   Women's NATTWELL™ Long Sleeve Top - Various Colours
  30.   Women's NATTWARM™ Shorts - Various Colours
Set Descending Direction

Items 1-30 of 84

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