Discover the Best Pillow for Neck Pain Relief and Comfort

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Many of us incur neck pain from working at a desk all day, others from a health condition such as arthritis. For some the cause of the pain is not always clear, it could even be triggered by stress. However, the most common cause of neck pain can be from sleeping with the wrong type of pillow. The good news for sufferers is that switching to a more comfortable pillow can make a significant difference.

The ideal pillow to alleviate neck pain is one that keeps your head, neck and spine aligned. If your pillow is too high, low, or thin, or unsupportive for your body and sleep position, then it can exacerbate existing neck pain or even create new stiffness and soreness.

It's important to also note that if your mattress is sagging it may also be contributing to your neck pain as your spine is not being supported which in turn will affect your neck. Check out our Guide ‘How to Choose a Mattress’.

How to choose the best pillow for your sleep position

When searching for the best pillow for neck pain, it’s important to consider what type of sleeper you are as this will affect your choice. Do you usually sleep on your side, back, front or do you tend to mix between them?

Side sleepers

Side sleepers  require a higher pillow height than back sleepers with medium firmness to avoid neck and shoulder pain caused by misalignment. The aim is to fill the space between the shoulder and neck. A too-flat pillow can stress and strain the muscles in your neck as you sleep. You need to make sure the pillow retains its height throughout the night so memory foam can be a good option. It will also provide pressure relief for your shoulder but still supports your head.

Back sleepers

Back sleepers  do not need as much pillow depth. A pillow that is too high will push your head upwards forcing your spine out of alignment during the night, thereby causing neck and shoulder pain. A soft or medium firmness is best for back sleepers as the head should be supported without arching too far forwards.

Front sleepers

Front sleepers also need a flatter pillow than side sleepers. They are best suited to a medium-firm or firm pillow with a low height to ensure the spine is kept in alignment. Memory foam or hybrid pillows can provide that kind of support. However, it is recommended that if you are a front sleeper with a sore neck you switch to sleeping on your side. Sleeping on your front can worsen neck pain as it prevents alignment of your spine and neck. The neck of a front sleeper is often turned to the side putting strain on your neck.

If this all sounds a bit bewildering, to help you achieve a more comfortable night’s sleep see below for our selection of the best pillows for neck pain.

Tempur Comfort Pillow Original

The Tempur Original Comfort Pillow is made with luxury memory foam and is firm enough to make sure your spine and neck are aligned. Recognised by NASA and certified by The Space Foundation this pillow is suitable for side, back or front sleepers and is temperature sensitive. 

Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow

The Simba Hybrid Firm Pillow comes with three layers, an Aerocoil spring layer to absorb pressure and two softer Renew layers. It also includes a cotton cover with temperature regulating Stratos technology. Whether you need a medium, medium-firm, or firm feel, you can adjust the layers of the pillow to what suits you best. If you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, or a hot sleeper, this is a great choice of pillow for you. For side sleepers, using all three layers is recommended to give your head and neck the support it needs for spinal alignment. If you are after something softer or flatter, then Simba’s Hybrid Pillow might be a more suitable choice for you.

The Simba Hybrid Pillow

This pillow comes with a combination of memory foam, Nanocubes, and a breathable cover fabric to provide firm support and temperature regulation. It allows you to adjust the pillow by removing the cubes to make it the right height and firmness for you. It is an ideal choice for side sleepers and back sleepers.

Emma Original Pillow

If you are a restless sleeper then the Emma Original Pillow could be ideal for you, as it is made to support the sleeper whatever their position. The pillow consists of three foam layers and any of these can be removed in case you need to adjust the height or firmness.

Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow

The Panda Luxury Memory Foam Bamboo Pillow is supportive for your head, neck and spine but is also soft enough to ensure you have a great night's sleep. The silky bamboo pillowcase also helps to regulate your temperature, keeping you cool in the summer but warm in the winter. The pillow also comes with a 10-year manufacturer guarantee and a 30-night trial.

Brightr® Stella Hybrid Adjustable Pillow

The Brightr® Stella hybrid memory foam pillow is designed to alleviate neck and upper back pain, reduce stiffness, and mitigate tension headaches. Its two-layer adjustable design enables you to achieve optimal neck support, regardless of your preferred sleep position so is suitable for all types of sleepers.

KALLY SLEEP Neck Pain Pillow

Filled with soft memory foam the Neck Pain Pillow’s ergonomic design adapts to the contours of your head and neck to keep your body in alignment, ensuring a pain-free sleep. By improving body alignment, especially through the head, neck, and shoulders, this will reduce neck pain and stiffness.

LUFF The Prestige Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Pillow

The Prestige Memory Foam Pillow with Bamboo Pillowcase, adjusts to how you sleep. You can add or remove the CloudTec® filling to suit your sleeping position. It also includes a Cooling Blue Gel infusion to ensure you cool during the night. For ultimate softness, it comes with an extra quilted, sustainably sourced bamboo pillowcase which is anti-bacterial and anti-allergy.


The Foamo Pillow helps relieve neck pain with its ergonomic design. It is adjustable, enabling you to remove the filling to create the perfect height and firmness of pillow for you. Depending on its filling level, the pillow has a medium to firm feel. Its ultra-cooling gel-infused memory foam filling will mould to your head and neck for a comfy night's sleep whilst also proving temperature regulation so ideal for hot sleepers.