Piglet in Bed: Luxurious Linen for All Seasons

Written by: Bethany Gemmell


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Many of us are more thoughtful about our consumption than ever before. Minimalism is an aesthetic many people opt for, whether for decor or spacial purposes. The environment is a huge concern for many of us, as we aim to be more eco-friendly. We tend to want what we buy to be durable - giving value for money and not requiring replacement.

Adapting Consumption to Seasonal Changes

The changes of the seasons have an affect on our consumption. We want our homes to adapt to the extreme heat and cold throughout the year. When seasons change, the weather can be inconsistent. One day's weather and temperature can be drastically different from the next.

This is particularly true of our bedding. Our sheets' inability to adapt to temperature can keep us feeling awake and uncomfortable. In the heat, our bedding can trap all the warmth from the outdoor weather. This keeps us hot, dehydrated, and often sweaty - leaving our sheets dirty and full of bacteria. In the cold, poor bedding can let all the heat escape for a freezing wintery night.

British linen bedding brand Piglet in Bed, founded in 2017, offers a solution to this issue. The brand has a philosophy of high quality and low maintenance, provided by their linen material. Linen's long-fibre material is ideal all year round. Piglet in bed's linen material works in accordance with your body temperature to ensure maximum comfort. This relationship controls excess moisture and allows the linen to be as breathable as required. Linen is cool in the summer and warm in the winter, with no change of bedding.

Piglet in Bed's linen is, ultimately, a material made for living. With use, their linen becomes softer and kinder to skin rather than worn and rough, like most materials. The material does not requiring ironing or smoothing to look chic. Rather, Piglet in Bed's rustic aesthetic makes perfect casual, cosy living. Its durability makes it perfectly weighted for your lifestyle, and not the other way around.

Piglet in Bed: Sustainable and Year-Round Comfort

For those looking for sustainability, Piglet in Bed leads the way. Linen is made from the flax plant, one of the world's most eco-friendly materials. The plant requires little water and no pesticides to grow, helping to protect wildlife. A linen t-shirt takes 400x less water to make than a cotton t-shirt. Cotton bedding is much more damaging to the environment. Cotton is also a magnet for bacteria and damage, making it short-lived. Linen is a material designed to last, getting softer with use.

The Future of Home Living

Piglet in Bed's range of cosy, durable linen bedding made for living has grown to sleepwear, loungewear, curtains and more. The brand has proven that linen is the future of home living. Not only is linen good for the future of the planet, but adapts to the needs of our homes. Piglet in Bed's bedding is designed to be low maintenance. The bedding is designed in mind to look good without ironing or frequent maintenance. This is perfect for many of us, who want their homes to look chic in a manner that is timeless. This simple, but effective approach keeps our homes looking fresh while adapting to our busy lifestyles.

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