What makes Liberty Print fabric So Desirable For Bedding?

Written by: Kate Peers


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The Legacy of Liberty: From a London Boutique to Global Design Influence

In 1875, Arthur Lazenby Liberty borrowed £2000 from his future father-in-law to purchase a building on Regent Street in London to house his collection of ornaments, fabric and objets d’art from around the world. With only three dedicated staff, he paid off his loan within eighteen months. Arthur recognised people's admiration of Japan and the East at the time, the products that he imported affected social change in interior design and how people dressed, it was a huge success. Today, Liberty products are shipped across the world from London, with a dedicated in-house design studio creating new products and reworking finds from the 45,000 strong archive, the fabric section is at the heart of the store and one of their most recognised lines.

Discover Liberty Print Bedding: Luxurious Fabrics for Your Home

Liberty Print Bedding Set - Poppy & Daisy Rose Pink What makes the fabric so special? From luxurious silk to tactile corduroy, supple fleece and soft jersey, these dress fabrics are are turned into bespoke creations from dresses to cushions, bags to bedding. The print choices are immense, there is something for all tastes and styles. One of the most popular fabrics is Liberty Tana Lawn, originally named after Lake Tana in Ethiopia, is made from 100% cotton. Customers who purchase our Coco & wolf bedding range report back on the soft, durable fabric feeling like silk against the skin. Also, they report back on how much joy they get from seeing the beautiful fabric designs in their bedrooms.

Quality Bedding: Invest in Your Sleep for a Lifetime of Comfort

There are so many places in our daily life where we compromise on quality for cheaper buys but when is comes to spending on a place you will space a third of your life, there must be no compromise in quality. Purchasing high quality bedding might look like an expensive deal but when it comes to giving you the perfect night’s sleep no amount is too much.