Best White Noise Sounds For Sleep

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White Noise and Other Sleep-Inducing Sounds

White noise is a combination of all the frequencies of sound that the human ear can hear. Because it covers all frequencies humans can process, it is used to cover other noises. This makes it particularly useful for light sleepers, who can be kept awake my snoring, movements, etc.

Disruptive noises don’t necessarily wake you up because they are loud – it is because they disrupt the sound consistency you are used to. This is sudden change is what causes alarm. White noise creates a “blanket of sound” that covers any other noises, as it covers all possible frequencies.

For those who do not find white noise relaxing, there are other alternatives. Pink noise where the amplitude decreases by half every time the frequency doubles. Unlike white noise, pink noise is more of a process that a block of sound. This process is thought to speed you up into a deeper stage of the sleep cycle by decreasing brain activity.

There are many sounds you can listen to that offer these qualities. Good quality sounds will use both the blanket effect and help decrease brain activity in a way that reduces stress and winds you down for sleep.

Sounds that have sleep-inducing effects include:

  • fan noises
  • ocean waves
  • plane ambiance sounds
  • whispering
  • rain noises
  • rainforest sounds

What Are The Best Apps?

There are countless apps available on your phone, tablet, or other devices that offer sleep sounds. The good thing about having so much variety in apps is that you can pick one that suits your relaxation needs. If one app doesn’t help you fall asleep, then there are many other you can try with endless options available for sounds.

A personal favourite of mine is the Deep Sleep Sounds app. The app offers both loud and quiet noises to suit your individual tastes. As well as this, sounds can be individually adjusted to match your preference. A timer is available to prevent your battery draining when you fall asleep. Also, a pro-tip of mine is to say “yes” when the app asks if you have a baby, whether you actually have one or not. The baby apps some of the most soothing on the app. For example, the “womb” sound includes white noise and wave-like sounds, together with a steady heartbeat sound. Together, it successfully covers many bases that prompt relaxation.

By Bethany Gemmell

Content Writer at myza

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