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Oio Lab Anti-Aging Night Oil Treatment Review

Written by: The Myza Editorial Team


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Oio Lab – Sustainable Beauty That Cares for Both You and The Environment If you are continually combating a dehydrated and dull complexion - a lack of sleep thrown into the mix can also exacerbate the problem - the naturally absorbing and enriching ingredients of a good facial oil could be just what your skin needs. 

Oio Lab: The Benefits of Facial Oils for All Skin Types

For those struggling with an oily complexion, it might seem that the last thing you’d want to do is add to the problem by using a facial oil. However, plant-based oils have a large range of benefits for every type of skin, whether that be dry, oily, mature, or sensitive The fact is facial oils don’t actually moisturise your skin by adding more moisture rather they prevent the moisture that is already in your skin cells from evaporating into the atmosphere. The result is that your skin will look healthier, less dry and have more of a glow.

I have tried many facial oils but one of my favourites is Oio Lab Lunula Night Facial Oil, a plant-based, luxurious moisturising anti-aging night oil treatment. The founder of Oio Lab, Polish-born Joanna Ryglewicz, approaches beauty holistically using only the highest quality natural organic ingredients. This oil-serum is rich in cold-pressed, nutrient-dense, certified organic oils. This natural base is then enriched with selected active ingredients of proven effectiveness. So, in addition to its 100% peta certified plant base, the oio lab lunula oil also includes 5% Vitamin A which is scientifically proven to counteract sign of aging by enhancing the skin’s elasticity.

Oio Lab Lunula Night Facial Oil: A Holistic Approach to Beauty

Oio Lab has worked with numerous scientific institutions and extensive research supports the effectiveness of its skincare solutions. None of Oio Lab’s products contain synthetic additives or preservatives. Its aim is to use minimum ingredients that deliver maximum results and its ethos is to help you look and feel good, but only by using ingredients that are sourced responsibly. Whilst I love using this product, what I also admire about Oio Lab is that it doesn’t merely pay lip-service to taking care of our environment, it takes positive action consciously controlling every single detail in the process of production. It therefore minimises plastic consumption by choosing materials that can be re-used; violet glass bottles which naturally preserve the ingredients and recyclable paper packaging. It aims to respect the condition of our planet seeing us as forming part of this complex ecosystem.

Oio Lab
Oio Lab

Application Tips for Oio Lab Lunula Night Facial Oil

The oio lab treatment is very straight forward to use; simply place 4-5 drops of the oil onto the palms at night and then message gently upwards and outwards, starting from the centre of the face and focusing on those parts most exposed to the aging process. It is recommended that you take a deep breath and calm the mind as part of the process. Oio Lab believes that effective skincare combined with a moment of inner peace, is the best way to let your unique glow shine through. I found the oil had a lovely lightweight texture and it absorbed beautifully. It left my skin glowing. As previously emphasised, a common mistake people make with facial oils is using too much, so their complexions are left feeling greasy. Less is definitely more because if you apply too much oil, it won’t absorb properly. 

If you’re looking for a clearer, glowing, more hydrated complexion but wish to achieve this in a sustainable way I would highly recommend Oio Lab Lunula Night. The treatment promises to “help tighten the skin, counteract the signs of aging and enhance a healthy skin tone” and after only two weeks of using it, I can definitely feel and see the positive effect this “elixir” has had on my complexion. Based on this, I will now also be trying the other products from Oio Lab’s skincare range.