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Natural Comfort: Embracing Pure Cotton at Woven Riches

Written by: Olivia Collins


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We at Woven Riches, love keeping our products as close to the earth’s natural produce as possible, which is why we use pure cotton as the sole material on the majority of our collections. It is a humble reminder to stay connected to the nurture and love Mother Nature has given us.

Woven Riches: Embracing Cotton - Beyond Fashion to Comfort and Wellness

Cotton goes far beyond your favourite summer dress. It can help bring ease, comfort and simplicity into our lives. Staying healthy, eating well and a good night’s sleep are the pillars of a balanced lifestyle and we believe cotton can help with a few of these. There are very good reasons as to why people invest in good quality cotton bedding. A good night’s sleep is invaluable to anyone, from a growing child whose development depends on undisrupted sleep, to a working adult where stress needs unloaded, and brain power needs reloaded. Getting into our favourite bedding is one of our favourite parts of the day and leaving that bed in the morning is one of the toughest (I’m sure you can all relate!).

Discovering the Jaipuri Rajai: Pure Cotton's Legacy of Comfort and Versatility

Pure cotton has been significantly proven to give you a better night’s sleep compared to artificial materials. With cotton’s breathable qualities, it keeps you cool whilst letting your skin breathe, exactly what we need for a peaceful night’s sleep. Rajasthan, India, has provided us with a gift like no other, The Jaipuri Rajai, what we translate to; a Pure Cotton Quilted Throw. These originated centuries ago, when desert dwellers needed something light to carry with them during the day yet kept them cosy while sleeping under the stars at night. Two large sheets of pure cotton are stitched together and filled with padded cotton. Such a simple yet effective design. Today, we use them as a snuggly lightweight quilt. The list of uses is endless, perfect for warm summer nights, an extra layer on your winter duvet or as a cosy blanket on the sofa, the best kind of company for your book in one hand and a hot chocolate in the other.

Artisan Craftsmanship: Handcrafted Jaipuri Cotton Quilts with Intricate Detail

Our team in Jaipur has perfected the design, hand made from start to finish. The 2 sheets of pure cotton are block printed by hand with a variety of colours and designs suited to every interior, using natural dyes where possible. Filled with cotton batting and stitched together by hand. The intricate work behind our quilts is shown by the delicate finish, as if pure love has poured over a needle.