6 Best Considerations When Buying Sleepwear For Travel

Written by: The Myza Editorial Team


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Hans Christian Andersen said that, “To travel is to live”, and he was not wrong! The sense of adventure, the delicious new foods and interesting new friends all combine to make unforgettable memories. However, the excitement of travelling and the constant changing of locations can significantly impact your quality of sleep.

Combatting Travel Sleep Disruptions: The Power of Comfortable Sleepwear

We all know that jet lag can be problematic, but recently scientists at Brown University have found that our sleep can be disturbed by the brain activating a “night watch” mode when staying in a new place. It causes us to sleep less deeply and react more easily to disturbances – not great if you’ve been travelling all day! One of the suggestions made to improve your sleep quality was to take something with you that makes you feel comfortable and at home, to ease you into a good night of slumber.

One of the most practical sleep aids that you can take travelling with you is a good set of sleepwear as you need it anyway and it doesn’t take up extra room in your bag.

So what should you be looking for in your perfect travel sleepwear partner?


Your sleepwear has to be comfortable – obviously! Look for a fabric that is super soft, such as bamboo, and make sure the style is loose. Loose clothing allows the normal secretion of melatonin which is the hormone that regulates your sleep cycles.

Plus, putting on pyjamas helps your brain get ready for bed and starts to guide your brain to the act of sleep. So, making sure your sleepwear is comfortable and offers no distractions to sleep is essential.


There are lots of cute or fun sleepwear options out there, but making sure that the material is breathable is one of the best ways to ensure a good night’s sleep. Natural fibres are good because they allow your skin to breathe. When your skin can breathe your body temperature lowers which can help reduce disturbances in the night.

Temperature control

Your perfect travel sleepwear needs to adapt to wherever your adventures take you! Bamboo is a versatile material for when travelling in different climates as its natural properties regulate body temperature, keeping you cool when it’s hot and warm when it’s cool.


This is a must if you are going to be sleeping in warmer climates. Wearing a sweat-wicking set of sleepwear will keep you comfortable and stop the sweat causing rashes or irritation. Materials like bamboo have natural sweat-wicking properties making it ideal for travel sleepwear.


If travelling in warmer climates you might want to look at sleepwear options that provide odour-resistance, particularly if you are travelling lots and are not sure how often you will be able to wash your clothes. There are sleepwear options on the market which have special treatments in the fabric to keep you fresher for longer and materials such as bamboo have been proven to contain natural anti-microbial properties which also keep your sleepwear fresh.


If you’ve ever been in a room with a mosquito, you will know that your brain is on permanent alert trying to avoid being bitten, which is definitely not conducive to a good night’s sleep! Not only are insects a huge nuisance when travelling, but they also carry diseases and bites can be very uncomfortable and itchy.

One of the most important things you can do to avoid getting bitten is to cover up and use a repellent, but these are often very sticky and smelly. Luckily, there are now travel sleepwear sets available which offer full-body coverage and are enhanced with anti-insect technology to ensure a good night’s sleep while keeping the bugs at bay.

So wherever you are heading on your next holiday, be sure to take the time to pick your perfect travel sleepwear so that you are fully rested and ready to enjoy all that your destination has to offer!