Aromatherapy And Your Bedtime Routine: 5 Reasons Why You And Your Children Should Try It

Written by: Mary Bowen


Time to read 2 min

Anybody that is already an essential oil convert will jump at the opportunity to testify about their amazing therapeutic benefits. With their mood-boosting capabilities from energizing to sleep inducing, the benefits of incorporating essential oils into your routine have long been praised - in fact, it’s a phenomenon that’s been around for millenia. Backed by scientific validation, holistic self-care with oils is demonstrated in their wide range of popular uses and they are fast becoming the number one choice as THE natural way to keep oneself and loved ones healthy...and here’s why…

How can Aromatherapy benefit your baby


Aromatherapy is a 100% natural and plant-based practice. Pure essential oils are distilled from the flowers, leaves, roots and seeds of plants without the need for or addition of any chemically manufactured ingredients, colours or parabens that can be harmful to delicate skin. Thus you can sleep easy knowing that you are what you are putting on you or your babies skin is nothing but natural.


A moment of mindfulness

Any new parent knows that taking time for themselves is easier said than done! Aromatherapy is a natural and effective way to provide support for your all-important emotional wellbeing, but it does not need to be complicated. Adding a few drops of essential oil to your bath or shower creates a relaxing aroma-therapeutic moment, or making time for a massage after a warm bath helps the mind and body truly switch off. 


Emotional attachment.

The safest way to incorporate essential oils into your babies routine is to massage into the skin using prediluted blends.The benefits of baby massage are well documented and it’s clear that a baby’s first emotional bonds are built on sensory exploration and physical contact. Touch and smell are our first languages and serve as the foundation for emotional and intellectual development. Touch communicates love and massaging babies regularly with essential oil blends helps to relax, strengthen bonds and create magical moments of peace for babies and parents. ‘Touch is ten times stronger than verbal or emotional contact...we forget that touch is not only basic to our species, but the key to it’ Ashley Montagu.

Bring comfort

By carefully selecting the right oils you can help to support your child’s everyday needs. For example geranium, lavender and frankincense essential oils can be used to promote calm and help relaxation, whereas ginger, black pepper and marjoram are all oils known to help sooth uncomfortable tummies and support healthy digestion. Antibacterial oils with immune-boosting properties are important for keeping winter colds at bay. With the healing power of touch at our fingertips, using massage to apply diluted oils directly to the skin aids in their absorption and allows them to work their magic.

Safe and Gentle.

The powerful nature of essential oils does mean that they need to be used with caution - certain oils should be avoided for use on children and they must be diluted to a safe concentration before being applied directly to babies delicate skin.