Founded in 2016 in London, Apriori is known for its extraordinary collection of toothbrushes. In late 2019 Apriori has taken an everyday item and redesigned it in a clear, elegant and simple way, that’s how the SLIM by Apriori line was born.

The SLIM by Apriori represents a departure from traditional oral care products, with its focus on combining effective cleaning with sustainability and a striking aesthetic.

The toothbrush, developed in cooperation with dental specialists, has been recognized for its design excellence with a Red Dot Award in 2020.

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  1.   Black Gold Soft Toothbrush
  2.   Black Silver Soft Toothbrush
  3.   White Gold Medium Toothbrush
  4.   White Silver Medium Toothbrush
  5.   Sapphire Blue Gold Medium Toothbrush
  6.   Carmine Red Silver Medium Toothbrush
  7.   Turquoise Blue Silver Medium Toothbrush
  8.   British Racing Green Gold Soft Toothbrush
  9.   Sunflower Yellow Silver Soft Toothbrush
  10.   Peaceful Sky Silver Soft Toothbrush
  11.   Bubblegum Pink Silver Soft Toothbrush
Set Descending Direction

11 Items

per page