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Undercover Living: Eco Tencel Bed Linen for Modern Bedrooms

Written by: Olivia Collins


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If you enjoy making your bed the centrepiece of the bedroom check out contemporary bed linen brand Undercover Living. Not only is it creating innovative bedding by combining long staple cotton with an eco-friendly revolutionary yarn Tencel, more on this later, but its founder Miriam has a great eye for mixing colours in creative, modern and bold ways - the design ‘Lido’ which I have opted to try, throws in a bit of nature too, being ‘inspired by blue skies, deep waters and calming landscapes’.

Lido Bed Linen: Versatile Style with Time-Saving Design

Being vibrant blue on one side and soft peach on the other, the Lido bed linen set is eye-catching enough to be left unadorned or could be accessorised with any number of cushions and throws for a more bohemian look. It also allows you to mix-and-match across the ranges. I’m a big fan of the duvet cover which zips up, doing away with time-consuming poppers, buttons or ties, a great time-saver when making up your bed.

Eco-Friendly Tencel® Fibres: Keeping You Cool and Comfortable

Tencel® fibres which are sourced from the eucalyptus tree are more eco-friendly than other more popular fabrics such as cotton, because very little water is needed in its production. It is also moisture-wicking, drawing moisture away from the skin and moderating your body temperature, so will keep you cool and fresh on even the hottest of nights.

Luxuriously Soft 300-Thread-Count Bed Linen from Undercover Living

I found the 300-thread-count bed linen really soft against the skin and extremely smooth, making it very non-irritating so its suitable for even the most sensitive of skins. All of Undercover Living’s stylish bed linen comes from the medieval Portuguese town of Guimarães, a region renowned for its expertise in home textiles and this can be seen in the high quality of the finish.

I really love the choice of colour palette which is completely on-trend, when combined with great quality textiles and a good price point, who could but fail to become a big fan!