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LYS Button – Good Sleep Starts With Bright Days

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You already know if the quality of your sleep was good or bad the minute you wake up, but what if you knew what impact your environment had on this?

Use the LYS Button and app to see exactly how the light in your surroundings is affecting your energy levels and sleep quality and find out how to make positive changes to your routine. Hit your 3 daily goals with the help of friendly nudges and an interactive 24-hour map of your sleep and wake cycle.

LYS gives insights into your light intake and inspires you to make small changes to your daily habits with a long-lasting positive impact on your sleep quality and energy levels throughout the day.

Influenced by the simplicity of Scandinavian design, LYS Button was created to be a one size fits all with a navy blue finish that blends seamlessly with all styles while remaining gender neutral.

Available for Android and iOS.

Instructions for use
LYS has been developed to integrate with everyday life. It is a small, Scandinavian-designed device that is discreet and can be clipped onto virtually anything, making it easy for you to get syncing with the natural day and night cycle of light for a healthier living.
  • Compatible with iOS 10 or newer and Android
  • Bluetooth wireless syncing
  • Wearable Diameter: 28.21mm
  • Wearable Height: 10.49mm
  • Wearable weight: 4g
  • Charger Diameter: 59.69mm
  • Charger Height: 21.61 mm
  • Charger weight: 56g
  • Charges through USB type-C
  • Eco-friendly and recyclable plastic and stainless steel

  • The LYS wearable clip
  • Charger station that doubles as a protective case for the device
  • USB type-C charging cable
  • User manual
  • LYS stickers
  • Sleep Benefits
  • By using sensors that replicate the photoreceptors in the eyes, the LYS wearable and app measure your surrounding light and direct you to the right light at the right time of the day.
  • Different types of light naturally affect your body: bright blue light stimulates energy and boosts concentration. Warm dim hues prompt the production of melatonin, preparing you for restorative sleep.
  • Working together, the LYS wearable and app make sure your urban lifestyle will not get in the way of your sleep-wake cycle.
  • Trial data showed that using the wearable and app for three weeks decreased the time to fall asleep by 40% and tripled users' perceived energy levels during the day.
  • LYS empowered users to make small changes in their daily routine that had significant impact on their wellbeing. From crossing to the sunny side of the street, to eating lunch by the window or shifting the angle of their work desk, LYS helped users make lasting improvements.
  • With miniature sensors that replicate the photoreceptors inside your eyes, the LYS wearable knows exactly what type of light your eyes are receiving in real-time.
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    LYS Button – Good Sleep Starts With Bright Days
    About the brand

    LYS Technologies

    LYS Technologies was founded with the mission to raise global awareness of sleep disruption and the impact light has on this. Combining circadian rhythms research, wearable technology and app development, LYS was founded by circadian rhythm disruption advocate, designer and engineer Christina Blach Petersen and data scientist Hugo Starrsjo. Together they are creating the recipe for healthier lighting, one LYS Button at a time.

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      USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand - Free

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