Terre De Mars

TERRE DE MARS has created coffee based cosmetology. They mastered highly concentrated caffeine based formulas using natural ingredients selected for their skin biocompatibility and sensorial richness. Their product line is a fusion between science & nature, formulated from powerful bioactive and probiotic ingredients, providing nutrients your skin needs. Their philosophy is reflected in each one of their products. All their formulas are COSMOS certified according to ECOCERT Standards. They are active members of COSMEBIO association. Their ingredients are neither tested nor derived from animals, and they are certified by PETA Cruelty Free & Vegan label. Their packaging are mainly made from glass and thick PET, the most widely recycled material in the world. Eventually, all their products are created, manufactured, and stored in France, minimizing their carbon footprint.

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  1.   001 Resurgence Coffee Scrub
    Terre De Mars 001 Resurgence Coffee Scrub
  2.   002 Luminance Coffee Scrub
    Terre De Mars 002 Luminance Coffee Scrub
  3.   003 Resonance Facial Oil
    Terre De Mars 003 Resonance Facial Oil
  4.   004 Resonance Body & Hair Oil
    Terre De Mars 004 Resonance Body & Hair Oil
  5.   001 Resurgence Coffee Scrub Set of 4
  6.   002 Luminance Coffee Scrub Set of 4
  7.   005 Resilience Facial Cream
    Terre De Mars 005 Resilience Facial Cream
  8.   006 Resilience Hand & Body Cream
  9.   007 Insurrection Hand Wash
    Terre De Mars 007 Insurrection Hand Wash
  10.   008 Reddition Body Cleanser
    Terre De Mars 008 Reddition Body Cleanser
  11.   009 Biocellulose Redemption Mask
  12.   010 Irreverence Nourishing Shampoo
  13.   011 Imminence Body and Hand Nourishing Milk
Set Descending Direction

13 Items

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