Moonchild offers the sophisticated sleeper an experience unlike any other on the market: sustainable luxury sleep goods that are handcrafted in Germany and made of cruelty-free Peace Silk, which enables the full metamorphosis from silkworm to butterfly. The 100% high-grade Mulberry Silk is made with an ethical approach: no toxins, no pesticides or harsh chemicals are used in the process and no silkworms are harmed.

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  1.   Organic Peace Silk Pillowcase - Rosé Champagne
  2.   Organic Peace Silk Pillowcase - White
  3.   Silk Scrunchie Set
    Moonchild Silk Scrunchie Set
  4.   Delicate Silk Bath, 500ml
    Moonchild Delicate Silk Bath, 500ml
  5.   Organic Peace Silk Baby Cot Bed - Sunset Clouds 'Bébé Lune'
  6.   Organic Peace Silk Baby Cot Bed, Morning Sky 'Bébé Lune'
  7.   Organic Peace Silk Baby Comforter 'Lullaby Lune'
  8.   Organic Silk Sleep Mask - Rosé Champagne
  9.   Organic Silk Sleep Mask - Deep Niuē Night Sky Blue
Set Descending Direction

9 Items

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