Elan Skincare

Elan Skincare is an ethical and transparent brand offering highly effective skincare based around the concept of nature with a sound scientific background. Elan Skincare focuses on plant-derived, natural, and vegan ingredients balanced with the efficacy of safe, man-made ingredients for different skin needs. Wellbeing and healthy skin are at the very heart of Elan Skincare.

Joanna Silva, the founder of Elan Skincare, has nearly a decade of experience in the medical industry. She is knowledgeable and passionate about skin health having worked in product development in the areas of wound care, skincare and infection prevention. In her eyes, good skincare should be focused on protection, maintaining healthy and radiant looking skin, and preventing premature ageing. It should be results-driven, pleasant and practical to use, and most importantly, safe.

Unveil your true beauty with Elan Skincare.

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  1.   Dream Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum, 20ml
  2.   Dream Eye Renewal Serum,10ml
    Elan Skincare Dream Eye Renewal Serum,10ml
  3.   Dream Overnight Face Renewal Serum, 20ml
  4.   Whisper Soothing Face Serum, 30ml
  5.   Whisper Soothing Face Serum Fragrance Free, 30ml
  6.   Dream Couple, 2x20ml
    Elan Skincare Dream Couple, 2x20ml
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6 Items

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