Experience scent therapy from the ultimate self-care company, ARDERE (pronounced ‘Ar-‘deh-ray’ meaning ‘to glow’) is a premium wellbeing lifestyle brand specialising in luxury aromatherapy candles and nutritional therapy.

ARDERE's luxury Self-discovery Candle Collection and gift sets are all hand-poured in England. They pioneer scent therapy and bring you conscious living at its finest in a bid to conquer stress and promote non-toxic living, using 100% organic natural wax, pure essential oils in candles that have the longevity you always crave, finally a candle that lasts!

Founded by sisters, Nicole Windas, certified Health Coach, and registered Nutritionist & Naturopath, Lauren Windas. ARDERE came to be after co-founder Lauren became unwell with M.E/CFS and was unable to find help through orthodox medicine so turned to diet and lifestyle interventions which enabled her recovery. Along the journey the sisters began experimenting with essential oils and learned all about the power of scent therapy and it’s healing powers on our physiology in improving our health in both body and mind. This led to them creating the self-discovery collection which comprises of 6 scents each based on a specific therapeutic purpose and luxury travel destination.

Your wellness journey starts here...

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  1.   Provence Organic Candle - Lavender & Carrot Seed, 35cl
  2.   Reethi Organic Candle - White Geranium & Sandalwood, 35cl
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  3.   Palo Santo Bundle
    Ardere Palo Santo Bundle
  4.   The Dales Organic Candle - Green Fig & Hedgerow Blackberry, 35cl
  5.   Moroccan Tea House Organic Candle - Wild Mint, 35cl
  6.   The Self-Discovery Collection Gift Set
  7.   Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Your Route to Recovery
  8.   Thai Garden Organic Candle - Kaffir Lime & Ginger, 35cl
  9.   Sierra Mar Organic Candle - Woodland Moss & Amber, 35cl
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