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With over a decade's experience developing textiles for fashion brands both in Brazil, her country of origin, and the UK, Natália Nicolau started her company focused on knitwear development. The love of fashion and architectural forms lead to Ambar, a homeware and lifestyle brand that joins visual and tactile comfort and personal style to help you transform your house into a home. Knits are machine made, nevertheless, Ambar's knit fabrications have an artisanal look and feel to them - and many times, an artisanal scale of production! Projects range from limited editions to a larger scale without compromising quality or comfort.

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  1.   Willow Placemat - Hazelnut Light
  2.   Willow Placemat - Hazelnut Dark
  3.   Willow Placemat - Moss Light
    Ambar Living Willow Placemat - Moss Light
  4.   Willow Placemat - Moss Dark
    Ambar Living Willow Placemat - Moss Dark
  5.   Woodblock Cushion Square Cover - Moss
  6.   Woodblock Cushion Square Cover - Hazelnut
  7.   Woodblock Cushion Rectangular Cover - Hazelnut
  8.   Woodblock Cushion Rectangular Cover - Moss
  9.   Woodblock Cushion Rectangular Cover - Off White
  10.   Woven Throw - Nightlight
    Ambar Living Woven Throw - Nightlight
  11.   Woven Throw - Skylight
    Out of stock
    Ambar Living Woven Throw - Skylight
  12.   Woven Throw - Daylight
    Ambar Living Woven Throw - Daylight
  13.   Wood Block Merino Wool Throw - Blue
  14.   Ambar x Sandra Javera Blanket - Sand
  15.   Ambar x Sandra Javera Blanket - Saffron
  16.   Parquet Throw - Saffron
    Ambar Living Parquet Throw - Saffron
Set Descending Direction

16 Items

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