The Ritual of Bathing

The Ritual of Bathing

Many different cultures and faiths practise ritual bathing, a religious or magic ceremony involving the use of water to immerse or anoint a subject’s body. From Ancient Roman bathhouses, to modern Christian baptisms; from Japanese-style sentos, to Russian banya and to Nordic hot springs; the ritual of bathing is at once truly personal and evocatively human.

But it’s not all religious or spiritual experiences. A Japanese study in 2018 showed that regular submersion in water heated to 40 degree Celsius had significant benefits for reducing pain, stress, and fatigue, as well as improved skin condition and general feelings of health. Baths have also been proven to help against depression, as another 2018 study showed, this time from the University of Freiburg in Germany. So there is clearly some science behind the effect bathing can have on us.

Making your bath time into a ritual is just a way of elevating your personal time into something more important. It can be all too easy to skip important aspects of self-care in our every day lives. So elevating cleanliness, a needed part of your routine, into something more spiritual, can have lasting impact. Here are five simple ways you can elevate your bath time into a ritual bath.

Use crystals in your ritual

This Crystal Candle in Amethyst and Lavender from Yoga Hero contains amethyst crystals you can remove once the candle has burned out and use in rituals for years to come. We’ve chosen this candle specifically as it contains lavender and the crystal is amethyst, both of which are perfect for creating a relaxing environment, but they also offer other crystals and scents.

The Ritual of Bathing - Crystal Candle in Amethyst and Lavender - Yoga Hero

Drop in some essential oils

Essential oils are a great addition to most rituals, and this is no exception. Breathe in the calming scent of the oil as you practise a breathing exercise for the most calming benefits. Yougi’s Soothe Essential Oil can be used dropped into your bath in place of bath bombs or can be included as part of your skincare routine. This deeply relaxing oil is made of 100% therapeutic-grade essential oil. A blend of lavender, geranium, eucalyptus, bergamot, and clary sage essential oil. Made from ethically sourced, sustainable origins and no harsh preservatives. When using an essential oil, always make sure you add it after the taps have finsihed running, and make sure it won’t burn or otherwise negatively effect your skin.

The Ritual of Bathing - Yougi's Soothe Essential Oil

Have a cup of herbal tea (or a glass of wine)

Having a little treat alongside the ritual is a great way to make the experience feel even more luxurious. You could drink a herbal tea with some lovely added benefits, whether for your skin or your gut, or you could just treat yourself to a nice Chardonnay at the end of a long day. If you do decide to go for the tea, we recommend this Clementine Calamity Relaxing Tea from Lola’s Apothecary. The antioxidant-rich drink is designed for those times you feel overwhelmed or stressed. A blend of calming Passion Flower and Honeybush to soothe the nerves, the tea stars Gynostemma and Rhodiola, two key players in reducing stress levels and fighting fatigue. Topped with sweet notes of Lemon Balm and dried Apple and Orange pieces, the tea is a guaranteed relaxer.

Clementine Calamity Relaxing Tea - Lola's Apothecary

Treat yourself to a good body wash

Too easily overlooked is the humble washing aspect. Using a cheap and cheerful body wash is fine for your hurried morning shower, but why not luxuriate? This Botanical Body Wash from Bahiap contains Vetiver Root, Cedarwood, and Patchouli, which is particularly good for attracting dreams. The formula gently cleanses your body and helps leave your skin feeling conditioned and soft. The gel like texture transforms into a rich lather and its uplifting botanicals fill the bathroom, immersing you in delicate scent. With Vitamin E, Antioxidants and pure Botanicals to rejuvenate and protect the skin.

The Ritual of Bathing - Botanical Body Wash - Bahiap

Choose the colour of your ritual candle

Make your bath even more ritualistic by adding in coloured candles. Choosing the colour based on what you want to achieve from your bath time routine can be very beneficial. We’d like to suggest lighting this Marble Black Scented Candle from Sevin London. Using a black candle is supposed to help with psychic protection. This should prevent negative energy from interrupting your bath time (although we make no promises about it stopping the kids!).

The Ritual of Bathing - Marble Black Scented Candle - Sevin London

With an ancient history and scientific backing, we hope you will come to understand the importance of prioritising the humble bath, and use these tips and tricks to treat your spiritual side.

By Eloise Brooks

Content Writer at myza

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