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Do I really know what I’m putting in me? Ironically, I write this as I pick at my store-bought cannelloni for dinner, staring intently at a beige mess of a meal with no hint of real vegetables or nutrition in general.

This thought has been lingering with me ever since I spoke to Andrew Thomas, the founder of BetterYou, who politely informed me that the quality of our (collectively speaking, of course) diet was worsening in terms of healthy vitamin and mineral content. And what seems to be lacking in particular, is magnesium.

A mineral we’re born with, but seemingly on the decline as we favour calcium-heavy meals, magnesium is a key component to the body’s healthy functioning, specifically with regards to promoting good muscle and joint health, sleeping patterns, and reducing the effects of respiratory issues and low energy levels. However, as we experience an increase in the calcification of our bodies, what with our preference for cheese and dairy-rich foods to leafy green vegetables and legumes, it’s clear as to why we seem more lethargic and in pain more than ever.

So, when I had the chance to try BetterYou’s Magnesium Body Lotion, I was both excited and relieved; excited because I was presented with a beautifully simple, yet highly effective, method of improving my magnesium levels, and relieved because I finally knew exactly what I’d be putting on my skin. It wasn’t just an eclectic mix of essential oils, but rather it was a natural source of magnesium chloride sourced from The Netherlands, which promised physiological results.

The lotion came in a simple tube with a handy pump, and is designed to look like a more official, medically-approved addition to your skincare range in your bathroom cabinet. A deserved look in my opinion, as it avoids the excessive marketing ploys of colours and fancy fragrances, and gives us a clear and precise representation of what is inside.

Following the instructions, I applied the lotion as part of my bedtime routine after showering, when my skin was clean but still slightly damp. I pumped a large dollop of the lotion into the palms of my hands and massaged it gently into my legs and arms. It was incredibly hydrating (maybe a little too much so) in terms of texture and absorbed well into my skin.

Perhaps if you were to inhale very deeply and closely, you’ll smell hints of coconut, but largely speaking the combination of shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil and vitamin E left the lotion with a fragrance-free solution. I was most pleased with this lack of scent, as it meant that I could go to sleep without being awakened by an unfamiliar scent, no matter how pleasant it could be.

On the first night, I went to bed feeling fully moisturised (but just a tad sticky) and calm, but otherwise experiencing no difference. I was a little disappointed, but knowing that it was impossible to see improvements that quickly, I went to sleep.

The following night was a different story. I adjusted my quantities and applied a fraction of what I used on the first night, and felt a world of difference. It’s true: a little goes a long way with the BetterYou Magnesium Lotion, as this time I could attest for the formula’s lightness. It absorbed wonderfully, and I could certainly feel the softness and silkiness, without any traces of stickiness at all.

Furthermore, that night, I returned home after a series of exercise classes in the gym. Knowing my affinity for exerting myself just a little too much, I knew that I would be spending the following day limping to work and shifting uncomfortable in my chair due to stiffness and dull aches. I applied the lotion in the same manner, and hoped for the best.

And, if you care to believe me at all, I woke up with very few aches and hardly felt any muscle strains! I was absolutely in awe, and completely amazed that I hardly struggled up and down the stairs on the London Underground. I moved with ease, and while I did feel a little sore during work, I believe these would disappear over time and with frequent use of the lotion.

Transdermal magnesium (meaning that the mineral is absorbed through the skin and not the gut) in this form gave me access to 150mg (equivalent to 43% of my daily recommended intake) in just five small millilitres of the lotion. Knowing what difference it could make to my feeling tired and sore in general, and knowing exactly what I was putting on and in my body, I was deeply satisfied knowing that I was doing myself a favour by complementing it with lost minerals for the benefit of nobody but my own.

I expect this lotion will become a staple of my skincare routine, for it was moisturising, nourishing, and most importantly, it made me feel like I was doing myself some good.

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By The Myza Editorial Team

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