How to Sleep Better During Storms

In the last few weeks there’s been storms aplenty hitting the UK. I have listened to the wind and rain howl outside while trying to get to sleep, as have a lot of people.

With more storms forecast, and further chances of thunderstorms during the summer, it’s vital we know how to deal with the disruption. Here’s our best tips for sleeping during loud and scary weather conditions.

Keep Calm and Carry On

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When the weather outside sounds akin to something Dorothy and Toto might have encountered on their way to Oz, this is often not the most conducive to getting a sound night’s sleep.

One of the ways this will affect us is by not only being loud, but stressful. You feel concerned for your safety, whether that is a legitimate danger or not. Your instincts tell you to be concerned about the safety of your dwelling, and so you are. Fight or flight instincts are not that useful though when in a sturdy building made of brick and mortar.

Staying calm with methods like breathing exercises or pleasant distractions like a book or film are all ways that will help you relax better. Bedtime anxiety is often exacerbated by unusual conditions so it’s alright to need a little extra help.

You could also use something like a scented candle that has a soft light and a pleasant smell may also help. Especially as you can trick your brain into worrying less about the howling wind when watching a small flame that’s not flickering or being snuffed out by the wind. In general, watching natural phenomenon like flames or water has been shown to be very calming.

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Keeping things temperate

Wrapping up warm in a blanket or having a hot bath will also help with sleep. It reminds you that you are warm and safe while also reducing your body’s core temperature. Another reason to maybe lower your room’s temperature to help induce sleep.

A way that you can accomplish both to stay warm and relaxed is with a weighted blanket.

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White Noise

White noise has been shown to help reduce brain activity and encourage sleep.

When the weather outside is disruptive and alternating, the consistent ambient sound of white noise is a welcome change. It can also mask some of the sound of the storm, especially if you include the use of headphones to shut out the worst of it.

By Molly Panagi-Williams

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