New Sleep Brands This Month Part II – October Edition 2023

Every fortnight we will be introducing four new brands to our myza platform. All our brands are carefully selected by our team of sleep experts. We welcome independent, sustainable and ethical brands (large or small) to myza. We love to receive feedback on what you think about our new brands – we source each brand based on customer demand so hopefully you will enjoy this months gems!


Brand #1


AmourLinen are a eco-friendly brand that’s committed to sustainable slow fashion. Their clothes and bedding are handcrafted with care, using only the finest organic linen fibres that are gentle on the planet and your skin. From timeless linen dresses to soft and breathable linen sheets, they offer a range of products that are perfect for those who value quality, style, and sustainability.

Brand #2

French William

French William, born in Ibiza, mixes chic with mischief, bringing you light and elegant pyjamas you can wear from dusk til dawn, til dusk again.

Made from the finest organic cotton, in vibrant, playful patterns, their pyjamas are designed for fun and not formality – easy to wear by day and comfortable enough to sleep in at night.



Brand #3


Après-midi creates beautiful Italian silk sleepwear, lingerie, and accessories. Inspired by late night rituals and lazy mornings, it believes that sleep is an integral part of self-care and that we should all go to bed at our most beautiful.

Its production aligns with its aesthetic; leisurely, slow, intentional, and sustainable. It works with seamstresses in London to create elegant garments that are truly a treat to slip into. Its premium silks are handpicked in Como Italy, and the founder Eva travels between both locations, taking responsibility for the unique designs and signature trims that adorn the brand’s relaxed pieces that are perfect for both sleeping and lounging in. All of the pieces have a luxe feel, from the beautiful silk fabric, and mother-of-pearl buttons, to the custom embroidery and quality finish.

Brand #4


Luff Sleep care about your health and happiness as well as the world we live in. Their pillows and mattress toppers are equipped with beautifully soft bamboo fabric. A super sustainable plant that requires no pesticides, fertiliser or replanting. It’s the little changes that can make the biggest differences. Our world isn’t just the environment it’s also our communities and where we live. Every time you buy a Luff product, you will sleep soundly knowing 10% of the profits go to homeless charities and Luff Sleep regularly donate pillows to the homeless too. Everyone needs a good night’s sleep.


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By The Myza Editorial Team

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