Author: The Myza Editorial Team

Circadian Rhythm

Slave to the Rhythm – Where would Humanity be Without our Circadian Rhythm?

Body temperature, blood pressure, metabolism and sleep patterns, it’s our circadian rhythm after all that has determined humanity’s diurnal existence….


Pamoja – Revive Multi-action Face Cream Review

How To Keep Your Skin Glowing and Protected; When you dream about your skin, you might envisage it being smooth…

Inner Senses

In Conversation With: Inner Senses

Inner Senses began with their curiosity to source nature’s finest ingredients together with a passion to share. They embrace the…

Halcyon Naturals

Halcyon Naturals Relax Signature Candle Review

There are few things as relaxing as lighting a scented candle and filling the room with a delicious scent. Not…


In Conversation With: Vemel

Welcome to Vemel the home of truly natural waterless skincare. Vemel was born as an antidote to the chemical overload…


Exercise x Sleep: Don’t Run Out Of Sleep

Exercise: perhaps even just the thought of it makes you feel languid. But making time for that quick morning jog…

Guava Gold

Guava & Gold Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion Review

Moisturising your body can at times feel like a chore, but cold winds, central heating, and hot baths and showers…


In Conversation With: Nimu

Founded in Rome in 2015, Nimu is a brand dedicated to embellishing their homes with a focus on self-care and…