Valentine’s Gifts & Present Ideas 2023

Love is in the air as February approaches so the hunt for Valentine’s gifts has begun. Whether it's a case of "treat your partner" or "treat yourself", myza's Valentine's Day gift list has you covere...



25 Best Women’s Pyjama Sets

There's nothing quite like treating yourself to a new pyjama set. Now that WFH is the new normal for so many, surely the best part of home working is doing it in a stylish but comfortable pair of pyjamas! When you type in women's pyjamas in google y...

Interior Design


Can The Colour of Your Bedding Affect Your Sleep?

Colour can have an impact on your overall mood, which can in turn affect your sleep. Certain colours, such as blue, have been linked to promoting serenity and relaxation, which helps you get in the m...



Get Whiter Teeth While You Sleep

You’ve spent hours brushing your teeth, using whitening strips, and reduced your wine and coffee intake. But why are your teeth still not bright white? Many of us want sparkling white teeth, influenced in part by American movie stars, all of whom se...



How Much Sleep You Need, According To Your Age

Your age impacts your relationship from your body, particularly its energy levels. While we are broadly recommended around 8 hours per night, this can be too much, or too little, depending on how old...
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