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Welcome to myza!

Welcome to myza, Everyone I know is exhausted, both physically and mentally. We’re all run ragged by the frenetic pace…

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Child Sleeping

Is This The Secret To Your Child Sleeping Well?

Mothers everywhere, would love to know the secret of how to get their children to sleep well. According to a…


How does routine effect your child’s sleep?

Why have a routine? Whether it’s the spinach on their dinner plate, or a big life event like moving to…


Detox to Sleep | Detox to Wake

The benefits of detox related to walking-time cognition and improved sleep. DETOX, THE NON-DEBUNKABLE It’s good to start this conversation…

Alice Gregory

In Conversation with Alice Gregory, Sleep Expert & Professor of Psychology

Sleep plays a crucial role in our everyday lives. The latest research tells us that it’s essential for our learning,…

The Sleep Journal


Why Your Night Time Skincare Routine Is So Important

Your skin is the largest organ in the body and can be the first to show signs of stress and…

Oilixia Skincare

In Conversation With: Oilixia Skincare

Inspired by global destinations, OILIXIA creates natural beauty products that feature potent and precious ingredients sourced from all over the…

baby bamboo

Why Bamboo Can Help Our Babies Grow

When we think about what makes our babies grow, our minds often go straight to the food they are eating…


Somnox Sleep Robot Review

With anxiety and stress being a common cause of wakeful nights, its crucial to find ways to rid ourselves of…