Après-midi review – Creating Beautiful Silk Sleepwear, Lingerie, and Overnight Accessories

Ever since Après-midi was launched it’s been creating beautiful silk sleepwear, lingerie, and overnight accessories. Inspired by late night rituals and lazy mornings, the brand believes that sleep is an integral part of self-care and that we should all go to bed at our most beautiful. Not only is silk extremely glamorous conjuring up images of the silk pyjamas inspired by the 1920s sleepwear worn by Coco Chanel but it also comes with many health benefits. It regulates body temperature, helping you to stay cool on those long hot summer evenings but also cosily warm during the chilly winter months. It helps care for your skin by reducing friction and helping it keep naturally hydrated. Plus, if you ever experienced the luxury of sleeping in silk, the natural construction of the fabric coaxes your nervous system into relaxing, allowing you to achieve the full cycle of sleep necessary.

Après-midi’s production aligns with its aesthetic: leisurely, slow, intentional, and most importantly, sustainable. It works with local seamstresses in London to create elegant yet playful garments that are truly a treat to slip into. Its premium silks are handpicked in Como, Italy from a single supplier working with deadstock fabric and the founder Eva travels between both locations, taking responsibility for the unique designs and signature trims that adorn the brand’s collection. All of the pieces have a luxe feel, from the beautiful silk fabric, and mother-of-pearl buttons, to the custom embroidery and quality finish.

One of our favourites is its timeless classic “Anna Silk Pyjama Set’. Crafted in its signature Italian silk with a striking rainbow striped design and finished with a contrasting hot pink trim and mother-of-pearl buttons, this pyjama set could be worn equally for a fashionable party as they are to bed – just pair with a heel, statement accessories, and a red lipstick.

Alternatively, just tuck the pyjama shirt into jeans, and add heels. And an added bonus, when you get home after a long night out, no need to change before you fall sleepily into bed!

So, whether you’re a wearer of a matching silk pyjama set, a floral print silky playsuit, or very glamorous lingerie, just check out Après-midi.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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