Sleep & Wellness

Ahimsa Silk

What makes Ahimsa Silk So Special?

Can Silk be made Organic and Ethical? We were already convinced of the benefits of sleeping on silk pillowcases to…

Essential Oils

How To Use Essential Oils As Part Of Your Evening Wind Down Routine

When life’s hectic and stress is weighing heavy, taking time in the evening to wind down and relax is more…


Night and Day: A Ceramics Collection

The contrast between night and day is what inspires my latest collection of ceramics. I started La Muerte Tiene Permiso…


The Tell-Tale Signs Of Stress + Worry

How are you coping right now? We know times may be difficult amid worries, anxieties and perhaps big life adjustments…


Cotton, The Fabric of Dreams

We at Woven Riches, love keeping our products as close to the earth’s natural produce as possible, which is why…


A Relaxing Routine to Aid a Good Night’s Sleep

If you’ve been struggling to sleep as of late, there could be a whole myriad of reasons. Anxiety, a particularly…


Teen Sleeping and Helping them get Quality Sleep

My daughter was always an early riser from the very beginning but long gone is the sleeping beauty I remember,…

Circadian Rhythm

Slave to the Rhythm – Where would Humanity be Without our Circadian Rhythm?

Body temperature, blood pressure, metabolism and sleep patterns, it’s our circadian rhythm after all that has determined humanity’s diurnal existence….