New Sleep Brands – March Edition 2024 Continued..

Welcome to March Editions New Brands part II. Every fortnight we will be introducing four new brands to our myza platform. All our brands are carefully selected by our team of sleep experts. We welcome independent, sustainable and ethical brands (large or small) to myza. We love to receive feedback on what you think about our new brands – we source each brand based on customer demand so hopefully you will enjoy this months gems!

Brand #1


Talou creates knitwear to accompany your little explorer on every adventure. Recyclable, natural, and made in limited runs in our small partner studio in London, Talou creates truly unique products that celebrate the joy and creativity of childhood. On a mission to become fully circular, we offer to buy back all products for a percentage of the retail price, and promise to sell it on to the next little explorer, continually adding chapters to its ever evolving story as it journeys from child to child

Brand #2


Bundle Beds is run by a brother and sister duo, Lucy and Rob. They both love travelling, camping, having friends and family round to stay and we are huge advocates of the fact that jam packed days, need a GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP. Since becoming parents, sleep has become an even more precious commodity but they refuse to believe that sleep and adventure can’t be happy bedfellows. Frustrated that portable beds were either uncomfortable or too bulky, involved a hunt for spare bedding and took ages to set up, they set out to change this by creating the Bundle Bed.

Brand #3


MORAL, a proudly Asian-founded brand, meticulously crafts high-performance skincare solutions for modern lifestyles. Going beyond the ordinary, MORAL delivers gentle, multitasking essentials with proven skin benefits. Striving for streamlined effectiveness, MORAL aims to redefine skincare by minimizing the products needed for visible change. At the core of MORAL’s innovation is BRC-5™ or Barrier Restore Complex, a core technology featuring five clinically-proven ingredients — Ectoin, Peptides, Glycoin, Prebiotics, and Ceramides. This potent blend works harmoniously to restore and protect the skin barrier, ensuring immediate radiance and long-term skin health.

Brand #4


Goss & Genus is the home of organic, Fairtrade produced bed linens. Where sustainability isn’t a trend but the thread that runs through the core of their brand.

Goss & Genus are advocates for ethically made, high-quality products and slow living. They are proud to be GOTS certified and have their bedding made by Fairtrade certified producers, meaning they uphold the highest sustainability standards, currently available for textiles from a sociological and ecological perspective.

By Olivia Collins

Co-founder of myza

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