Scentered Review – The Candle that Guarantees a Better Sleep

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It was the end of a long week, and I’d just returned home after a day at work and an evening in the gym. I wanted nothing more than to put my feet up and relax on the couch until I eventually turned in for the night.

With looming deadlines behind me, and the dread of having to set an alarm for the next day (for a Saturday – can you imagine!) due to prior commitments, I could definitely feel the exhaustion setting in at the prospect of my weekend being cut short. Despite this foreboding sense of irritation, I was determined to make the most of my relaxing night before dealing with the hectic weekend.

Naturally, I turned to a candle to set the mood and ambiance for my Friday night me-time.

Specifically, I turned to use Scentered’s Sleep Well Wellbeing Ritual Home Candle & Refill, weighing a sturdy 220g, which was decorated beautifully in a minimalist light grey box

Scentered review
Scentered review

Upon first look, I could only think that the candle was a little too beautiful to actually light! Coming in a frosted cylindrical glass tub with similar silver line designs, the candle looked sophisticated yet calming to complement a cosy home’s interior with ease. The wick was near the top of the glass, meaning that it would be easy to light with either a match or a lighter. And upon first whiff, I was overwhelmed by palmarosa, lavender and ylang ylang – I couldn’t wait to light it.

At first, I lounged in my very open living room in front of the television but struggled to catch a drift of the scent. Noting that Scentered uses a custom blend of 100% natural waxes at its base and only pure essential oils that are free of synthetic ingredients and parabens, it struck me that the candle’s fragrance would probably not be as strong as some of the more artificially-scented candles I was accustomed to using. Certainly guaranteeing a cleaner burn and less toxic fumes, I migrated with the sleep well scent to my bedroom and set it on my bedside table; I bathed in its soothing, warm glow as I read a novel.

In this much smaller and cosier environment, I could definitely smell the candle’s delightful aroma now. The initial freshness was only stronger; I could definitely make out the lavender scent, which was met with a light ylang ylang fragrance. It was light and incredibly refreshing, without overpowering the natural aroma of my room. It merely lifted the smells, and slowly I realised, my mood as well.

The next thing I knew, I was waking up after an hour and a half of dozing off. I had no idea, or intention, of falling asleep at that time, but it seems the candle did the trick of calming me sufficiently in that I nodded off within minutes of getting comfortable in bed. I was feeling more refreshed, relaxed, and decidedly happier than I was when I just returned home. Suddenly, I wasn’t dreading that alarm I was going to hear the next morning.

I blew out the candle, which was still burning slowly and steadily, and inhaled the fragrant after-smells. My room still radiated a light lavender scent, and I couldn’t wait to deeply inhale it all before falling asleep again.

Genuinely, I am amazed by how quickly Scentered’s Sleep Well Wellbeing Ritual Home Candle got me to fall asleep; I intend to feature it a regular part of my night-time routine, especially if it means that I can fall asleep with ease, and wake up without a sense of tension, and instead a relaxed readiness to face another day.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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