How To Keep Your Summer Skin Glow This Winter


We all love how our skin looks and feels after a holiday or summer spent in the great outdoors, when our skin glows with natural health. And now that winter is upon us, we want to extend that glow for as long as possible. Here are our tips on keeping that summer glow this winter.

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

As the nights draw in and the cooler weather takes over, we tend to drink less water. Keeping our hydration levels topped up will keep skin looking and feeling plump from the inside. Add some warming herbal teas to your day and easily top up your hydration levels.

2. Switch to an oil-based cleanser in the evening

An oil-based cleanser is gentler on skin, and less drying, helping skin to remain balanced. We recommend a double cleanse: your first cleanse will remove make up and grime from the day, while your second cleanse works deeper into pores removing build-up. Take time at this stage to massage skin gently with fingers, and rinse using a muslin cloth.

3. Apply a hydrating serum to face and neck twice a day

Choose a serum with hyaluronic acid to boost hydration levels in skin, and pat gently into face and neck after cleansing. A face massage will work the serum into skin more deeply.

4. Use face oil every evening to seal in moisture in skin

Using a face oil as your last step will help to seal in your serum, whilst the massaging action will help push both the serum and the nutrients from the face oil deeper into skin. Warm some face oil in your hands, hold your hands over your face and breathe in the scent deeply. Whilst exhaling, apply the face oil to your skin, massaging in small circles moving from the centre of your face outwards, as shown in the diagram. Pay particular attention to areas on the face where tension typically builds up, including around the eyes.

Face massage technique
Face massage technique

5. Massage skin using a face roller

Spending an extra few minutes massaging skin with a face roller will help extend that natural glow whilst gently soothing skin. The massaging action helps push products deeper into skin whilst boosting circulation, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the surface of skin, feeding skin from the inside, and draining away any toxins. Use the small end of the roller around the eyes, and the large end of the roller on the rest of your face and neck.

Skin will glow with natural health, as if you have just come back from holiday.

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