Sofia's mission is to give women the confidence to show off their skin and hair as they change with age. Born from a need to manage her own stress eczema, Sofia developed a range of award-winning vegan and effective skin elixirs which she has been using for over 15 years. Using only 100% pure nut, seed, and flower oils, all selected for their nourishing, regenerating, and anti-inflammatory powers, she created a skincare ritual which encouraged her to slow down and care for herself, and create a deeper mind-body connection. This was self-care before it became popular. Sofia believes in transparency, all ingredients are listed in plain language on the bottle and on the website, so that customers can make an informed choice. There are no GMO oils, palm oil, mineral oils, sulphates, phthalates, paraben, silicones, or perfume contained in the blends. All packaging is recyclable. SOFIA LATIF™ is proudly Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Waterless. Made in small batches in London.

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  1.   Face Oil
    SOFIA LATIF™ Face Oil
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  2.   Eye Oil, 10ml
    SOFIA LATIF™ Eye Oil, 10ml
  3.   Scalp Oil. 50ml
    SOFIA LATIF™ Scalp Oil. 50ml
  4.   Body Oil, 150ml
    SOFIA LATIF™ Body Oil, 150ml
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