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Founded in Rome in 2015, Nimu is a brand dedicated to embellishing their homes with a focus on self-care and wellbeing – done right. Inspired by the relaxed Mediterranean lifestyle and Roman architecture, Nimu offers a lavish collection of handcrafted robes, towels, and soaps made to cater for their most relaxed, private moments.

We speak to Alejandro, the founder of Nimu about why he started the brand and what makes his products so special


Tell us a little about yourself, and what inspired you to create Nimu?

I am an architect, specialized in landscape, but always had an eye for home products and fabrics.  After working in architecture and hotel design, I decided that I needed to create something by myself.

Looking around me, I found it difficult to find sober and quality home textile products. Either I found cheap textiles, too flashy items in term of branding and color and only found a handful of high-end brands but often too highly priced and less accessible.  I wanted to have excellent products to live with every day, to take time for our wellbeing and treat our spaces as we treat ourselves. I really dislike the idea of having a beautiful home with horrible towels or robes hanging in the bathroom. Going to the beach and looking around I also realized that nobody really seemed to care about having a beautiful beach towel that is light and functional at the same time, or maybe there were none out there.  Also, it seemed many people own multiple high-end fashion accessories but then seem to not pay enough attention to their daily home basics. I wanted to change this, reason why I created NIMU, focusing on creating sober quality products.

How did you choose the name?

NIMU name comes from Numa Pompilio, the peaceful second king of Rome.

Rome has a strong heritage in our aesthethics and Numa is credited with the formulation of the 12 months calendar that we still use nowadays. Aegeria, his divine consort, was a water nymph who was turned into a fountain by the goddess Diana, due to her tears of sorrow after Numa´s death.

This fountain provided clear waters to the ancient Roman baths “Thermae”, where citizens enjoyed bath rituals, which have a strong link to our towels and soaps.
Both of these characthers have a significance in our brand inspiration, Time and Water, life and joy.


What makes Nimu completely different to all the other home textile brands out there?

Thank you!

We believe quality of materials and sober aesthetics, with design minded details in all aspects (even down to designing the washing labels), have a significant role in your daily life and wellbeing. It is important for us to provide this calmness to our often caothic lives, hence we focus on this by providing organic cotton textiles and natural soaps, that are suitable for all skin types, and make your bathroom look fantastic!

How do you make your products sustainable?

We care very much about the environment, and we do so by carefully selecting the fabrics and ingredients we use for our towels, robes or soaps.
We make sure they leave the smallest foot print possible on the planet while excelling in their purpose. For example for our Scrub Natural soap, we decided to use natural clay particles instead of micro-plastics, which usually pollute the oceans and finish in our food. The product has the same function, but a responsible approach to the envirornment.
In addition, the producers and factories we work with in Italy are using 100% Green energy for their production. Our packaging is fully designed in paper without any plastic, as well as e-comm parcels sent to customers only containing recyclable materials.

What has been the most rewarding feedback you have received from a customer who has purchased one of your products?

I am so happy when a customer writes us saying he/she is in love with the product and is using it every day. This is exactly what we thrive for, making people realize how quality fabrics can actually make a difference in your day to day wellbeing.  It makes me move forward and look for new textile techniques and styles to add to our collections.


Of the Nimu products that we are featuring on myza, which is your particular favourite, and why is it a must-have for our customers?

I love the Kimono robe, called by Agrippa (the important Roman engineer who developed the Thermal facilities in ancient Rome).
It is extremely light and always dry and fresh, so I love to use it every day at home. It makes me think about the old times in Rome, but also in Japan or Middle East, when Bath was a spiritual and wellness ritual which people took enough time for.



Where do you see Nimu being in the next five years?


We would like to develop more fabrics, to ensure an even wider selection in home textiles and beach towels for our customers to enjoy.  Also we are in touch with a “nose” based in Tuscany, to create a collection of Home Fragrances and Bath products (herbs, salts, etc) to improve wellness with natural high quality ingredients. I love to spend time at home, hence I believe it is really important to improve how we feel there, and aromatherapy is quite interesting for us to complement our Bath rituals.


Finally, a few pearls of wisdom from you! Run us through your recipe for a great night’s sleep, and some do’s and don’ts that you recommend following, or including in a pre-sleep schedule.


For me it is key to arrive home not too late and have a slow down time before going to bed.  We love to cook, so during the week we prefer to have dinner at home. Having a moment with your family and enjoy the little things of daily life is very important to me.  Despite living in Italy, we like to have early dinner to then enjoy a tisane (or a Valpolicella red wine) before going to bed, specially during wintertime. This ritual makes me happy and relaxed, so I can dive into Morpheus´ arms with an interesting book in my hands.


By The Myza Editorial Team

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