Guava & Gold Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion Review

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Moisturising your body can at times feel like a chore, but cold winds, central heating, and hot baths and showers can take its toll on your skin leaving it feeling dehydrated rather than silky smooth. And whilst in the chilly winter months, you can skip straight to wrapping yourself in layers of clothing, recent days of glorious sunshine has ignited anticipation for the summer months ahead, along with a desire to dress accordingly, meaning bare arms and legs whenever possible, making luxurious skin and body products packed with nourishing ingredients all the more appealing. Let’s face it, dry, flaky skin is less than chic and needs to be avoided.

So, with body lotions being a beauty staple you can’t ignore, I put to the test a unique body lotion that promises smooth, hydrated skin, with every single use. Calling all coconut lovers – the award winning Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion by Guava & Gold is like a tropical getaway in a bottle. A skilfully blended combination of essential oils, scents and colour which plays with the senses, this luxurious body lotion is part of a capsule range of gorgeously fragranced bath and body products by Guava & Gold, that immediately transports you to far-flung tropical beaches, turquoise oceans and glorious blue skies, enabling you to recreate the delights of the Caribbean in the comfort of your own bathroom.

Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion
Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion

Rich and creamy yet incredibly lightweight, the lotion glides on the skin to leave it deeply moisturised and delicately perfumed. Made with the finest natural ingredients all ethically sourced and featuring warm notes of tropical coconut and peachy cherimoya delicately intermingling with citrusy bergamot, pink magnolia, sweet vanilla orchid and creamy tonka bean, applying this scented lotion is a sensory pleasure. Enhanced with grapeseed and avocado oils, and shea butter, this soothing body lotion is rapidly absorbed for a silky-smooth finish enabling you to dress immediately after applying without it transferring onto your clothes. I found it hydrated, conditioned and softened my skin after just one application leaving a sensual delicate fragrance that lasted for hours. Paraben free, it also provides sun protection of SPF15 throughout the day.

Your stress will melt away with this body lotion which is specially scented to soothe your senses whilst also replenishing the skin’s lost moisture. Whilst it can be massaged into your skin during the day, I pampered myself with this indulgent lotion at night. I found it to have a soothing and calming effect on my mind making it the perfect bed-time ritual, prepping me for a restful night sleep whilst delivering 24-hour hydration.

Coco & Cherimoya Body Lotion is a true crowd pleaser. It smells amazing, it looks chic on the bathroom shelf, the packaging is totally recyclable and crucially it will leave your skin wonderfully silky-soft and hydrated. Splash out on a bottle – your skin will thank us, and you certainly won’t regret it.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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