Eco-friendly Cotton/Linen ‘Eucalyptus’ Cushion Cover from Sarah Blythe

Sarah Blythe

Although I have always considered cushions essential for comfort, I also think they are essential for what they can bring decoratively to a room. They are a great way of injecting a dash of colour or introducing a pattern, which might be overpowering for a whole room. They also allow you to introduce a luxurious fabric which would be way beyond your budget in a bigger quantity. And if you are all about the aesthetics, a beautiful cushion is the perfect way to maybe shake things up, experiment a little and add an element of randomness to a scheme. Whether it’s a bedroom or a living room you want to brighten up, and whether your taste runs to embellished or minimal, there’s a cushion out there for everyone.

Sarah Blythe is definitely the brand to look to when you want to add some pizazz to a room. It’s a mother and daughter duo with a love of all things botanical. Launched in 2015 by Sarah and Sharon, its vibrant floral style stems from their Australian and English heritage, combined with backgrounds in photography and textile design – Sarah is an award- winning artist who has exhibited work in Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, London and New York. Now based in Kent and Canberra, the duo photograph and collect different types of flowers from Australia and the UK which they have digitally archived over time to create their unique floral designs.

My cushion cover arrived beautifully packaged in tissue paper & twine accompanied by a pretty card with a message from Sarah Blythe. It’s these extra touches that makes a brand memorable and contributes to a great overall customer experience. Needless to say, these cushion covers would make perfect gifts. In keeping with Sarah Blythe’s eco- values, the cover was delivered in a recyclable white box

I just love the cushion cover, it’s both beautiful and interesting without being too busy. Photographed in Australia, but sewn in Sarah Blythe’s small Kent studio, the design features sprigs of eucalyptus leaves in a repeat pattern and teal colourway. Apparently, it’s one of Sarah Blythe’s most popular and versatile designs and I can easily see why. Sarah Blythe suggest that it would work well placed alongside one of its other floral designs or on its own, in a minimalist setting, in my case in a bedroom in muted shades of white and pale grey. There is also a matching lampshade available. Expertly made, with a premium feel to the fabric, the cushion which has a zipper opening, comes in a standard size 42x42cm. I also covert Sarah Blythe’s Hydrangea Cushion – Blue, hydrangeas being one of my favourite flowers. Inspired by English country gardens, this is a glorious print and will evoke memories of long, hot summer days during the grey cold winter months to come. This is definitely one for my wish list!

What is also very impressive about Sarah Blythe, is its sustainable focus. It sources eco- friendly materials, aims to reduce the environmental impact as much as possible in all stages of production, and is continuously looking at ways in which it can further reduce its overall environmental impact on the planet. Its cushions are made from a 55% linen and 45% combed cotton blend, so the fabric is totally biodegradable and recyclable. By implementing a zero-waste strategy in the design process – it has created a cutting layout that generates no scraps – it reduces the use of materials and textile waste. Its textiles are digitally printed. By using a pigment printing process instead of reactive dyes, this reduces the consumption of materials, water and energy. The pigment inks are also free of restricted chemicals meeting Oeko-Tex Standard 100 requirements. 

By The Myza Editorial Team

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