Welcome to Moon Interview – A Sustainable Loungewear Brand

Welcome to Moon is a sustainable women’s loungewear brand, crafted with love and respect from hand-loomed cotton. They champion ethical collaboration by partnering with Indian artisans, ensuring fair wages and improved working conditions. Led by Perrie Reynolds, a leader in luxury retail. Welcome to Moon invite you to experience our conscious and elegant loungewear, empowering you and the artisans who bring it to life on a more beautiful, sustainable path forward.

Perrie the founder of Welcome to Moon discusses with us why she started the business and what the future holds for the brand.

Tell us a little about yourself, and what inspired you to create Welcome to the Moon?

Embarking on the journey of founding Moon, my dream of establishing an ethical PJ brand became a poignant reality, stemming from a background in luxury retail where I crafted PJs for Liberty. I immersed myself in the intricacies of the “nightwear” industry. 

Having studied Fashion Design at university, a yearning persisted, and the pull of being my own boss, handling everything from PR and marketing to production and shipping, became an irresistible call into uncharted territory.

Moon found its spark when I, unexpectedly jobless during the lockdown and navigating the joys of new motherhood, felt a compelling need for a wardrobe refresh.

Surrounded by a collection of beautiful PJs that no longer fit, I set out to craft a pair for myself, ones that not only embraced the changes in my body but also transcended the conventional discomfort of tight sleepwear.

Moon was thus conceived, a manifestation of my journey, blending ethical craftsmanship with fashion-forward designs that seamlessly transition from a cozy night in to a stylish ensemble perfect for lounging on holiday.

What makes Welcome to the Moon completely different to all the other sleepwear brands out there?

Motivated by a personal quest for comfort and style, I launched Welcome to Moon. Fueled by the frustration of endlessly searching for the perfect pair of PJs – ones that were neither too snug nor uncomfortable – I embarked on this journey to redefine loungewear. My aspiration to craft exceptional pieces from natural fibers led me to the heart of sustainable fashion. Small batches became the canvas of my creation, a testament to my commitment to reducing waste. Collaborating with artisans and craftspeople, I wove their expertise into the fabric of our brand, infusing each piece with their unique mastery. Welcome to Moon embodies the fusion of comfort, sustainability, and artistic collaboration that I passionately envisioned.

How do you maintain the sustainable nature of your production?

Welcome to Moon is an ethical small-batch brand dedicated to redefining women’s loungewear with a strong emphasis on sustainability.

At Moon, we passionately advocate for collaboration and ethical practices. Through strategic partnerships with artisan-led collectives and NGOs in India, we prioritize fair and transparent wages, actively supporting the talented creators who bring our products to life. Our commitment extends to the very fabric of our loungewear, as our khadi material undergoes a natural dyeing process with AZO-free dyes. Woven on man-powered looms, this not only ensures a high-quality product but also contributes to improved working conditions for our skilled artisans. 

How do you think your products really benefit with regards to sleep?

Wearing our cotton PJs, I’ve discovered that they do wonders in regulating my body temperature, whether it’s scorching hot or chilly inside my bedroom. It has made a noticeable difference in my sleep routine – no more waking up in a sweaty mess or feeling freezing cold like I used to. These PJs have become a game-changer in ensuring a comfortable and consistent sleep experience for me.

As a company, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Can we expect new products/designs/ranges/materials?

I plan to maintain a close collaboration with the skilled artisans behind our fabric, exploring new and innovative stripes and techniques. Additionally, I aim to broaden our brand’s offerings by introducing a robe into the collection. The signature balloon-shaped sleeve, which has become synonymous with our brand, is something I intend to preserve as a distinctive feature.

Run us through your recipe for great sleep, and some do’s and don’ts that we ought to follow in our pre-sleep schedules

I’ve developed a habit of leaving my phone plugged in the kitchen, and I’ve noticed it helps create a more restful sleep environment. Lately, I’ve been diving into reading before bedtime, and it surprisingly aids in my process of nodding off. Of course, slipping into my Luna Landing PJs is a must, and having a comfy pillow is a game-changer. I’ve also learned to double-check that the cat hasn’t sneaked in, avoiding those 4 am wake-up calls with some unexpected feline romping over my head.


By Olivia Collins

Co-founder of myza

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