Quiz: Which Ayurvedic Dye Blend will benefit your body best: Neem, Indigo or Sappan Bark?

Deep in the depths of the Keralan jungle lies a small village where a 5000 year old wellness secret has been passed down through multiple generations. The secret is called ayurvastra, a branch of ayurveda that extends to the dyes in our clothes. Ayur meaning health and vastra meaning cloth, the artisans craft each dye blend with a main ingredient such as neem, sappan bark or indigo flower. Each dye can be worn for a purpose and an intention to boost our bodies in a different way from cooling the body to boosting immunity to enhancing radiance and skin health.

Sadly, many dyes in our clothes have a high number of chemicals in from lead to petrol and even radioactive metal which many of us are unconsciously wearing on our skin and inadvertently absorbing into our bodies. These chemicals have even been traced in new-born babies proving that our chemical body burden is being transferred to our children and future generations.

TryKind Clothing wants to break the cycle and make you question, what’s in your clothes? What are you absorbing from your PJs while you sleep? What are you wearing in intimate places? If you can boost your body’s immunity, your skin health and radiance through your clothes instead of harming it – ayurvastra is a secret that you need to implement in your daily routine.

Find out which dye blend will currently benefit your body best, your routine and your passions in our short ayurvastra quiz below. Answer consciously about your body, skin and wellness in its current state to get the best results:

By Alana Redick

Founder of TryKind Clothing

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