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Arc de Noa is a children’s clothing brand supplying comfortable clothes for your baby. With their unbeatable quality, allow one of their uniquely stylish looks to take your baby through their day. Allowing them to move and discover the world freely and comfortably. With each of their signature cashmere-blend knits finished with lovingly handmade crochet patches. They are revolutionising children’s clothing; allowing quality and comfort to meet style in a way that has never been done before. Lara founder of Arc de Noa discusses with us why she started the business and what the future holds for the brand.

Tell us a little about yourself, and what inspired you to create Arc de Noa?

My name is Lara and I am a mum of 2 (and one on the way!). When my eldest was born, all I wanted was cosy knitted rompers to dress him in that would keep him warm, cosy, and take him through the day looking stylish and cute! 

This just wasn’t something I could find in a decent quality, so I decided to create my own. The name ‘Arc de Noa’ means Noah’s Arc in French. For us, it was the perfect play on childish innocence yet sophisticated, elegant and timeless style we look to achieve. 

What makes Arc de Noa’s completely different to all the other children’s brands out there?

Arc de Noa is different as we really try to focus on our core product offering – rompers and blankets. Whilst also introducing new products as a compliment (for example, our bibs and socks). We do not come out with huge collections and try and keep all our products as timeless as possible so they can be passed down to siblings or friends, and keep being worn year after year while still looking fresh! 

How do you maintain the sustainable nature of your production?

At Arc de Noa, we do not come out with collections seasonally. But rather when our stock is running low and we need new product. This helps us to avoid waste and over productions and ensures that almost every piece we make gets sold. 

We also work on a core principle of quality – our outfits can be thrown in the wash a million times and come out looking good as new without the bobbling you often find in knitwear. 

Our products are all packaged in reusable pouches that are fantastic for organizing nappies, packing spare clothes and carrying wet or dirty outfits! 

How do you think your products really benefit babies/children, with regards to sleep? 

Our outfits are designed to take your baby from day to night, and playtime to bedtime. They are super soft, cozy and breathable to keep your little one as comfortable as possible. Whether they are going down for a nap or on the go with you past their bedtime. They will be comfortable, stylish and ready for a good nights sleep! 

As a company, where do you see yourself in the next 5 years? Can we expect new products/designs/ranges/materials?

We hope to keep growing and producing new collections. 

I am a mother first and a business owner second. So we will continue to grow slow and steady at a pace that is manageable with a hectic family life! 

Hopefully in the next 5 years my kids will be in full time school. I will then be able to take Arc de Noa full steam ahead! 

Run us through your recipe for great sleep, and some do’s and don’ts that we ought to follow in our pre-sleep schedules

My first born was a TERRIBLE sleeper! 

Once we started a good bedtime routine, it all got better. Some wind down time was super important for us – dim lights in the room, soft music and a book helped us all calm down after an energetic day. 

Also, keeping consistency in our routine was key. Trying to start and end our day at the same times helped my little ones know what to expect and generally made the bedtime process a little easier. 

By Olivia Collins

Co-founder of myza

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