New Sleep Brands – February Edition 2024 Continued..

Welcome to February Editions New Brands part II. Every fortnight we will be introducing four new brands to our myza platform. All our brands are carefully selected by our team of sleep experts. We welcome independent, sustainable and ethical brands (large or small) to myza. We love to receive feedback on what you think about our new brands – we source each brand based on customer demand so hopefully you will enjoy this months gems!

Brand #1


Peachaus’s mission is to create beautiful, long-lived clothing that unites expert craftsmanship, innovation, and sustainable production practices with a free-spirited soul. Peachaus extends beyond being just a clothing company. The aim is to raise voices of hope wherever they are found, serving as a platform that supports and celebrates people—a space for coming together and instigating change. Peachaus believes that a fashion brand should be a realm of optimism, storytelling, spotlighting other organizations and individuals doing brilliant things, and inviting customers to shape the dialogue and artistic direction. Peachaus represents a collaboration among its team, network of creatives, and customers—its people. The power of “we” is ignited by individual sparks within Peachaus.

Brand #2


Liv Lindley, is a London based lifestyle brand underpinned by the belief that we can all benefit from a little affordable self-care in our every-day lives. Silk accessories deliver just that – they make us feel indulgent and improve our sense of wellbeing. Liv Lindley was born during the pandemic when Liv was made redundant from her role as an Accessories Buyer, after the business she was working for fell into administration. The pandemic had many knock-on effects and created unexpected challenges for many people; Liv saw many people struggle with sleep, stress and anxiety and the impact this was having on their mental wellbeing. Realising the many health and well-being benefits of silk, Liv wanted to find a solution to help. She decided to use her 10+ years experience developing beautiful products for some of the UK’s largest retailers, to launch her own collection of silk accessories. Liv uses her fabric knowledge to source the most luxurious quality silk: Grade 6A 100% Mulberry silk which is recognised as the highest quality in the world. The momme refers to the density of the silk fibre- all of Liv’s designs are 22mm, providing the perfect combination of durability, practicality and affordable pure luxury.

Brand #3


simplicity. functionality. beauty.

Mahabis is on a singular quest to create simple products that help you relax.

Inspired by the everyday – the most mundane products can impact our daily well-being. Mahabis are driven by the belief that by improving these small everyday experiences, they can better the whole.

Brand #4


At Mono Pillow, our commitment to quality and innovation has birthed a premium pillow designed to transcend sleep experiences. Crafted for discerning individuals seeking ultimate comfort, our product addresses ear pressure, making it ideal for those with piercings and anyone yearning for elevated rest. As an affiliate partner, you’re not just endorsing a pillow; you’re advocating a premium lifestyle choice.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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