How to Block Out Loud Noises at Bedtime

loud noises bedtime

Loud noises are one of the most irritating barriers when it comes to sleep. For light sleepers especially, a single noise is enough to take you out of your rest and even wake you up. Your home can have many factors that create a lot of combined noise. Snoring, sounds from other rooms, or noisy neighbours are all frequent irritants.

Blocking out noises are the key to a good night’s sleep. Doing so safely and effectively are essential for getting enough sleep without disruption.

Effective Methods of Blocking Out Loud Noises

Sleep Apps

There are many apps available on various devices and networks that produce relaxing sleep sounds. These sounds will cover up any distracting noises in your house, while also producing sounds that prompt you to relax to get into sleep mode. You can wear earphones to help make this more immersive.

One popular form of noise for bedtime is white noise. This is particularly effective at blocking out loud noises. See our guide to white noise to find out how it works and what sounds are available.


Earplugs are a safe method of blocking out sounds for bedtime. Because they coat the outside of your ear and not go into your inner ear, there is no risk in sleeping in them. They can be purchased with little cost in most shops, and are a popular choice for sleeping on planes or other forms of travel. They are typically soft foam and mould to the shape of your ear for a proper fit.

If you’re willing to spend a little more, earplugs also come in electric form. These offer music or white noise to add that extra layer of sound blocking for particularly loud noises.

Subtle Soundproofing

soundproofing loud noises
The World in Cushions

Soundproofing gear for your walls are available to buy online and are popular with content creators who record videos in their bedrooms. However, these can be expensive and not desirable bedroom decorations for a lot of people. Thankfully, there is a way so soundproof your room for outside noises using just your bedroom furniture to keep noise out.

Placing textiles in the right areas can stop the sound from reaching you. Thick curtains, rugs, and cushions can all help add padding around the walls, floors, and any other area where noise is coming from. This allows you to block sound out without sacrificing the style of your room.

Rearrange Your Bed

Speaking of soundproofing, if you can, you should try moving your bed against the wall with the most noise. This is particularly the case if your bed has a thick headboard that works effectively as a sound block. If you can, use multiple cushions, as long as its comfortable to sleep in. This way, the direction of sound has a wedge between you and your head. If your body is facing the direction of noise with no barrier, you will hear all of it.

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