3 Reasons Why You Have To Ditch Your Synthetic Duvet


The Case For Down Duvets

A duvet is only as good as its filling, so when purchasing a duvet, choose carefully. Everyone who sleeps under a natural filled duvet will tell you the sleep experience is just unparalleled. This is especially true in the coldest climates and there’s a good reason for that.

Natural Filled Duvets Are Incredible Insulators

There is nothing worse than waking up at night sweaty and yet still cold. Synthetic duvets use man-made fillings that trap the heat. Natural duvet fillings consist of down, feather, or a combination of the two. Whilst feather is just the outer covering, down is the fluffy layer under the exterior of the bird’s feathers. Compared to feather, it is lighter and even more insulating. Whether you choose feather or down filling, you are guaranteed to be kept warm with minimal weight.

Feather is flatter, larger and heavier than down, meaning that more feathers are required to achieve the same insulation as down. Both natural fillings feel just as soft, comfortable and airy. 

                                       Natural filling is available in either goose or duck. Goose feather and down is widely agreed to be superior due to geese having larger feathers and fluffier down, which results in better insulation. Duck feather and down fillings are generally less expensive as a result.


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Moisture Absorbent

When choose bedding in general, the most important factor to consider is breathability-  basically how well the bedding absorbs moisture. Natural fillings breathe and absorb body moisture, reducing the possibility of heat getting trapped. In comparison to synthetic filled duvets, natural filling is capable of keeping your body temperature more regulated over a longer period of time.



If properly looked after, a high quality feather and down duvet will last up to twenty years. As a wise woman once said; “Cheap is expensive”. So, we recommend buying well and buying less.


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By Mariam Elshafie

Founder of House Babylon

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