Dealing With Those Summer Nights

As one of the most revered songwriters of all time, it’s somewhat unlikely that Leonard Cohen would have been referring to an intriguing night’s sleep during the summer, on Closing Time.

“… the moon is swimming naked / And the summer night is fragrant / With a mighty expectation of relief.”

Nonetheless, nobody can ignore the importance of attaining high-quality sleep throughout the year, and especially, during the warmer summer months.

Indeed, during the winter, your bedroom is often your only haven – the one place you can be guaranteed comfortability, warmth and rest. But then, once the colder months have passed, your bedroom is suddenly unable to provide you with that same level of assurance. Whereas it was once your refuge at the end of a hard day’s work, the bedroom can quickly become a place of sleepless nights and misery, more similar to a sauna than a safe space.

Obviously, it’s not all about being too hot. For example, over 24°C and below 12°C have been shown to significantly contribute to more fractured, lighter rest, and our optimal temperature for sleep is approx. 16 – 18°C.

Reaching such a temperature in your bedroom or home would be relatively simple with something like a thermostat. And if you’re looking for tips to cool down before bed, don’t forget to check out our previous article, Finding That Perfect Temperature.

Otherwise, we wanted to tell you about some of those products that can aid in providing you with that cooling relief you’ve been searching for, and can actively help you reduce and/or regulate your body temperature, and feel more comfortable for high-quality slumber even on the hottest nights.

Luxury Gift Boxed Silk Sleep Mask - Electric Dots from VUJ VUJ
From Inky Blue to Pearl White, Silver Stars to Electric Dots (as pictured), VUJ VUJ specialise in constructing exciting designs for a rather forgotten accompaniment for the perfect sleep. 

VUJVUJ – Luxury Gift Boxed Silk Sleep Mask: £24.50

The summer sun has a tendency to bring much more than simply warmer weather, wherever you are in the world. In particular, earlier mornings and later evenings. As a result, there’s an added need for each of us to ensure we’re reducing the level of light – natural or artificial – entering our eyes, to promote the production of melatonin, otherwise known as the ‘sleep hormone’. One ever-stylish way to do this (especially once your cuddled-up in bed) is to use an eye mask.

Made from 100% silk and elegantly held together by a velvet elastic strap, the VUJ VUJ Sleep Mask, available in a range of designs, promises to be a perfect present for you or your friend, arriving beautifully wrapped, and sure to help anyone looking for a fantastic night’s sleep.


Amayori – Dreams of Gion Luxury Bath Salts: From £79

Now, you may prefer washing only in the morning, rather than the evening. But if you can, a relaxing, hot bath will not only allow you to garner some quality you-time at the end of a busy day, but also, aid in significantly increase your NREM or ‘deep stage’ of sleep.

If that’s the case, why not sooth your muscles and senses in the process, with the Dreams of Gion Luxury Bath Salts from AMAYORI. Combining wild lavender to help calm the mind, exotic ylang ylang to bring about a peaceful sleep, and anti-ageing green tea extracts,  AMAYORI’s Dreams of Gion Luxury Bath Salts provides you with a level of relaxation so neglected throughout modern society. 

If you’re more of a shower-supporter however, you’ll still be able to inhale the sedative scents of Japanese yuzu citrus and green-yellow mandarin, via AMAYORI’s Dreams of Gion Shower Mochi.


Pink Cactus Wendy Pyjama Short - Set/Separate
Modern and feminine, Phoebe Grace is a British designed luxury leisurewear brand made exclusively in Great Britain. Their pyjamas finally inject a sense of fun into sleepwear, with a whole range of exciting and wondrously fresh designs. [For more from Phoebe Grace, click here]

Phoebe Grace – Pink Cactus Wendy Pyjama Shorts (Set or Separate): From £100

Many would argue that if your struggling to sleep in the heat, returning to your birthday suit may be the best option to cool down. And indeed, to some extent, they’d be right. But what pyjamas can do that your naked body can’t do quite as well, is regulate your body temperature.

Natural fibres rule when it comes to reducing your body temperature, and regulating it throughout the night. Linen, cotton, silk or bamboo, natural fibres are more likely to behold breathable, moisture-wicking properties than their man-made counterparts, ensuring users can maintain a constant temperature throughout the night. Made of 100% silk, Phoebe Grace has carved for itself a rather prominent space in the world of sleepwear, combining high-end designs with proven substance. From silk’s insulating capacity to keep you warm in the winter and cool in summer, to the sleepwear’s superior softness, Phoebe Grace’s sleepwear is ideal for sensitive skin, and provides long lasting comfort throughout the night.


100% Pure French Linen Duvet Cover - Toulon Dove Grey Linen Works
To make sure that their bedding is sumptuously soft, all of their linen bedding is pre-washed to enhance the linen’s natural smoothness.

The Linen Works – 100% Pure Linen Bedding: From £30

Responsible for keeping you snug through the night, your duvet cover, pillowcases and bed sheet have an awful lot of work to do, whatever the weather. But when it comes to summer, bed linen’s responsibility becomes even greater.

Made entirely of natural fibres, 100% linen sheets are valued for their exceptional coolness and freshness. What’s more, different from cotton in weave and stiffness, linen sheets allow the air to flow more freely around the body, keeping you cooler. Made of pure European linen, The Linen Works’ stylishly rustic bed linen represents the essence of understated luxury.



House Babylon – All-Natural Goose Down-Filled Summer Duvet (4.5 Tog): From £40

Nights should only be sweaty when you intend them to be – even during summer. Creating luscious duvets with natural fillings at an affordable price, House Babylon’s 4.5 tog summer duvet allows you to sleep easy throughout those sweltering nights. Unlike synthetic fillings that tend to trap the heat, House Babylon’s Summer Duvet uses an all-natural Goose Down filling, which is extra light, breathable and more likely to hug the contours of your body at night. With fewer air gaps, you’ll be able to achieve that high-quality sleep that summer has so far been hiding from.


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