Bamboo – The Sustainable Fabric that Provides a Great Night’s Sleep!

Bamboo plants - used in the production Nightire sleepwear

Wearing the right kind of pyjamas to bed – longs, shorts, dresses etc. – is important, sure. However, it’s not so much what you wear, but what it’s made from that really counts.

Natural materials for example, have long been proven to be more breathable than their synthetic counterparts, capable of preventing the dreaded night sweats and aiding in a cooler, more comfortable you throughout the night.

Bamboo – perhaps the most versatile of natural fibres – boasts a variety of remarkable uses that range from flooring to clothing. Grown sustainably, with minimal need for additional hydration or pesticides, this tropical grass not only cleans the air and shoots up fast (it’s the fastest-growing plant in the world), but is also 100% biodegradable. What’s more, bamboo rarely needs replanting, whereas cotton requires harvesting and cultivation every year.

Women’s Bamboo Pyjama Trouser Set – Angel Toucan
Women’s Bamboo Pyjama T-Shirt and Trouser Set – Majorcan Gecko

The bamboo fibre is also marvellously resilient and durable, yet soft as silk and oh-so-luxurious. Gentler than a host of other man-made options, it’s a natural solution for sensitive/irritable skin!

If you easily get hot and heavy under the covers whilst asleep (or during those more exciting moments), the anti-bacterial and sweat absorbent properties of the bamboo plant means moisture evaporates nicely from the skin, keeping you odour-free and smelling fresh all night long.

The bamboo fabric is also, cleverly engineered so that the cross-section of the fibre is covered with micro-gaps for better ventilation. As a result, it’s able to keep you two degrees cooler in the heat, and then noticeably warmer in the cold.

Aria Bamboo Pyjama in Black
Women’s Bamboo Pyjama Trouser Set – Grey Marl

You might have spotted the word ‘silk’ earlier, potentially conjuring up expectations of getting cleaned out at the dry cleaners each and every time your bamboo sleepwear is in need of a wash (pun intended).

But fear not, bamboo fabric can be washed just like any other garment. Machine washable and iron-friendly, this fabric is an absolute dream to clean.

By The Myza Editorial Team

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