How to Wash your Hair Properly?


We all want our hair to be more beautiful, healthy and manageable, so let’s start by washing it properly, and maybe we’ll be closer to achieve our dream… a good hair day. A gesture as basic as washing your hair can increase your overall hair beauty.

Stop and take a moment to appreciate your hair, and if you feel it’s normal to go ahead, but if you identify any of these signs: irritation, itching, dandruff, pain…, you should know that you probably have a sensitive scalp or that your scalp has been altered by a cosmetic which you are using. Also, factors as common as pollution, dryness, wind, irons, dryers, can be responsible for this alteration and will continue to worsen it even more if you do not act from the beginning, washing your hair properly with a good shampoo and conditioner.

1. Prepare your hair

Whether or not you have used a holding product before, start your hair ritual by brushing it. This brushing does not only remove residues, but it also helps to remove tangles and improve the microcirculation of the scalp, the basis of healthy hair.

Brushing also helps you to better perceive how your hair is, and to decide what specific care it needs. Moreover, the type of hairbrush bristles you should use will depend on your hair type and goals. Therefore, the best you can do is to find out which is your match: natural (for sensitive scalp, are ultra-gentle and minimize breakage and frizz), synthetic (detangle a lot easier) or combination (generally great for everyone)

2. Apply the shampoo

It’s not the water on the hair that makes it shine, keeping it in good health, choosing the right shampoo and applying it well is key.

¿Properties we all like to see in a shampoo?

●  Easy to rinse, shampoos that are difficult to remove can leave residues in the hair that are unattractive and can even irritate the scalp.
●  Good finish, leaving hair clean but soft without clumping or frizzing.
●  Low toxicity, free or minimal content of potentially irritating substances.
●  Slightly acidic pH so that the tertiary structure of the hair proteins, pH-dependent structures are not broken.
●  Maintain a colour tone. Colouring is not just done to cover grey hair, today colouring resembles make-up, it is used to highlight features, hide imperfections and even to complement fashion, at the same level as shoes or a good handbag. Maintaining the colour of the hair is an important function to value in a shampoo.
●  A comfortable, practical, well dosed and recyclable package, which you enjoy seeing in your shower!

Proceed to wet your hair well with warm water, and on the palm of your hands apply 1-2 pulses of shampoo if you have short hair, and 2 to 3 if you have half a mane or long hair. Emulsify it between your hands and apply it to the scalp, insisting on the area of the nape of the neck and the sides, leaving the rest of the hair clean as you slide the product in it.

Massage with gentle movements, aimed at lifting the hair roots, which will stimulate circulation benefiting the growth and strengthening of your hair. Be gentle with your massages, do not release your tension at this time, just enjoy.

Leave on your shampoo and conditioner for the time indicated in the package. Yes, we are all in a hurry but this part is essential. On a day to day basis, you can take advantage of this waiting time to wash your body, and on the weekends… just indulge yourself with a mask.

3. Rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all residues

We usually wash our hair frequently so a single application of shampoo is sufficient, although frequent use of finishing products may mean you need another application of shampoo.

Specialists recommend not washing your hair too often, to not alter sebum production, but also advise not to leave it too long between one wash and another, to avoid irritating the scalp and removing contaminating particles adhered to the hair fiber. ¿The solution? In cases where you want to wash your hair frequently, look for our shampoos with a composition that allows you to wash it frequently and also provides health and beauty and this lovely sensation, clean and soft hair every day.

H03 Shine & Energizing Shampoo + H04 Weightless Hydrating Daily Conditioner
H03 Shine & Energizing Shampoo + H04 Weightless Hydrating Daily Conditioner

4. Always apply conditioner or mask

The conditioner will help keep your hair cuticle soft and supple. Apply it to dry hair lengths and ends and rinse thoroughly, so that no residue is left behind that could weigh down or detract the hair. To untangle wet hair, always use a wide-tooth comb.

We advise you to complete your hair care ritual with our H04 moisturizing and repair conditioner, designed to establish synergy with the shampoo and further improve the condition of your hair. The H04 conditioner has a texture that will win you over at the first impact and a spectacular result, loose, silky and nourished hair. You can review the application of the conditioner below.


To try to minimize the damage to which the hair is exposed, UV radiation, hairdressing treatments or bad practices in personal care, conditioners have been developed. These are cosmetics capable of minimizing damage and preventing it, and also leaving hair in perfect conditions, with softness and brightness. It is a lighter cosmetic formula than the mask and it is always recommended after using the shampoo.


This is a much more nutritious treatment than the conditioner, its a more concentrated formula which works more intensely on gestures we want to achieve in our hair: softness, brightness, and shine. Alternating the use of a conditioner with a mask ensures a soft and healthy hair. Unlike the conditioner that exerts a rapid action, the mask must be left to act for the recommended time and rinsed thoroughly. Following the manufacturer’s instructions is the best way to get the most out of the product.


5. Dry your hair in a soft towel, gently

Rubbing the hair roughly will break the fibers and open hair cuticles, inviting frizziness.

Use blow dryers and flat irons in moderation and never at maximum temperature. Today you can find intelligent hair dryers that generate a much more gentle heat, that will be less likely to damage your hair.

Be careful with your hair accessories, pins, and hair bands if they are very tight or used in wet hair, as they could break the hair fiber.

Remember, washing your hair properly, with the right products, with warm water and the right frequency is vital to keeping it healthy and beautiful.

By Modesta Cassinello

Founder of Modesta Cassinello

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