Body Lotions & Balms

Pamper yourself with indulgent lotions and balms guaranteed to keep your body beautifully moisturised and glowing

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  1.   Slumber Gel, 20g
    Cotswold Lavender Slumber Gel, 20g
  2.   Organic Lip Balm, 15ml
    By Sarah London Organic Lip Balm, 15ml
  3.   Magnesium Sleep Lotion
    BetterYou Magnesium Sleep Lotion
  4.   Escape Therapy Balm
    Scentered Escape Therapy Balm
  5.   Focus Therapy Balm
    Scentered Focus Therapy Balm
  6.   De-Stress Therapy Balm
    Scentered De-Stress Therapy Balm
  7.   Sleep Well Therapy Balm
    Scentered Sleep Well Therapy Balm
  8.   Soothe Body Butter, 175ml
    Seascape Island Soothe Body Butter, 175ml
  9.   Unwind Body Lotion, 300ml
    Seascape Island Unwind Body Lotion, 300ml
  10.   Violet & Yarrow Balm, 50gm
    Kindred + Wild Violet & Yarrow Balm, 50gm
  11.   Lemon & Lavender Balm, 50gm
    Kindred + Wild Lemon & Lavender Balm, 50gm
  12.   Green Clay Cleansing Balm, 60ml
    By Sarah London Green Clay Cleansing Balm, 60ml
  13.   Eye Edition, 15ml
    Clo Clo Skincare Eye Edition, 15ml
Set Descending Direction

22 Items

per page