Wilder Botanics

Wilder Botanics is inspired by co - founder Rachel Landon’s 20 years of clinical practice as a naturopath and herbalist and her husband Charlie’s deep-rooted curiosity and love of naturally derived formulations.

Rachel’s previous career as a fashion model first played a part towards seeking herbs to rebalance and strengthen preventively. Drawn to the holistic which meant in the truest sense of the word - as a whole.

Here the beginning chapters towards Wilder were born

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  1.   Revitalising Flower Essence
    Wilder Botanics Revitalising Flower Essence
  2.   Wellbeing Collection
    Wilder Botanics Wellbeing Collection
  3.   Winter Love Drops
    Wilder Botanics Winter Love Drops
  4.   Clarity Drops
    Wilder Botanics Clarity Drops
  5.   Immortelle Cleansing Oil
    Wilder Botanics Immortelle Cleansing Oil
  6.   Hangover Drops
    Wilder Botanics Hangover Drops
  7.   Inner Peace Drops
    Wilder Botanics Inner Peace Drops
  8.   Sensorial Bath Oil Palmarosa, Frankincense & Sweet Orange
  9.   Radiance Drops
    Wilder Botanics Radiance Drops
  10.   Phyto Radiance Day Oil
    Wilder Botanics Phyto Radiance Day Oil
  11.   Herbal Tranquility Soak
    Wilder Botanics Herbal Tranquility Soak
  12.   Recovery Night Oil
    Wilder Botanics Recovery Night Oil
Set Descending Direction

12 Items

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