Ladina Yoga

Ladina Yoga is a London-based mindful yoga brand from Madagascar, featured in Women’s Health, The Guardian and The Daily Express, It was founded during lockdown by French/Indian/Malagasy female founder Maysun Hassanaly, Engineer and Yoga Teacher. 

Ladina Yoga is offering colourful, premium eco-friendly yoga gear designed or handcrafted by African artists and is dedicated to challenging sustainable and ethical practices in the yoga industry, reconnecting practitioners to the earth and to the roots of yoga, with a social and environmental initiative at their core. 
Ladina Yoga empowers local communities in Africa and supports reforestation in Madagascar, (the 4th most deforested country in the world) by planting a mangrove tree for every yoga mat sold

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  1.   Yoga Bag - Nautilus
    Ladina Yoga Yoga Bag - Nautilus
  2.   Yoga Bag - Kapha
    Ladina Yoga Yoga Bag - Kapha
  3.   Organic Spray - Energise
    Ladina Yoga Organic Spray - Energise
  4.   Ravinala - Sustainable Yoga Mat
  5.   Yoga Bag - Ravi Be
    Ladina Yoga Yoga Bag - Ravi Be
  6.   Courbe D'Energy- Sustainable Yoga Mat
  7.   Warrior Red Velvet - Sustainable Yoga Mat
  8.   Makena - Yoga Bolster
    Ladina Yoga Makena - Yoga Bolster
  9.   Warrior Black - Sustainable Yoga Mat
  10.   Organic Spray - Calm
    Ladina Yoga Organic Spray - Calm
  11.   Yoga Bag - Masoandro
    Ladina Yoga Yoga Bag - Masoandro
  12.   Yoga Bag - Sunset
    Ladina Yoga Yoga Bag - Sunset
  13.   Meditation Cushion - Voanio
    Ladina Yoga Meditation Cushion - Voanio
  14.   Warrior Black Mat + Zola Bolster
  15.   Warrior Black Mat + Makena Bolster
  16.   Courbe D'energy  Mat + Zola Bolster
  17.   Ravinala Mat + Makena Bolster
    Ladina Yoga Ravinala Mat + Makena Bolster
  18.   Warrior Red Velvet Mat + Zola Bolster
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18 Items

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