Emma's story dates back to 2015 in Frankfurt, Germany. Our founder was in the market for a new mattress but found the process too complicated and overwhelming. Ending up with a mattress that was too expensive and just not right, he decided to solve this problem.

Starting with the Emma Original mattress, which was designed in painstaking detail by our in-house sleep experts, moulded to perfection in our sleep lab and manufactured right here in the UK, Emma started the journey to disrupt the global sleep industry.

Today, Emma is one of the UK's best selling mattresses and one of the leading sleep brands in the world. We operate in 20 countries across 4 continents and our growth story is a testament to both the quality of our products and how simple it is to buy them.

We are extremely proud that we are recognized as the UK's most awarded sleep brand in 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022, winning the Which? Best Buy award 5 years in a row, but more importantly, we are grateful to all of you for trusting us to help you sleep better at night.

Our mission is to help people understand the importance of sleep in our daily lives and we will continue creating products that aim to improve your sleep quality, through intensive research and testing.

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  1.   Emma Premium Pillow
    Emma Emma Premium Pillow
    Special Price £65.25 Regular Price £145.00
  2.   Emma Zero Gravity Mattress
    Emma Emma Zero Gravity Mattress
    Special Price £887.20 Regular Price £1,109.00
  3.   Emma Luxe Cooling Mattress
    Emma Emma Luxe Cooling Mattress
    Special Price £423.15 Regular Price £1,209.00
  4.   Emma Original Pillow
  5.   Emma Microfibre Pillow
    Emma Emma Microfibre Pillow
    Special Price £49.00 Regular Price £70.00
  6.   Emma Cloud Duvet
    Emma Emma Cloud Duvet
    Special Price £48.30 Regular Price £69.00
  7.   Emma Hug Weighted Blanket
    Emma Emma Hug Weighted Blanket
    Special Price £69.30 Regular Price £198.00
  8.   Emma 4-Season Duvet
    Emma Emma 4-Season Duvet
  9.   Emma Mattress Protector
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