The hunt for the perfect duvet. We all know that give and take, compromise and understanding go a long way to making any relationship a success. Lumpy duvets, shivering or roasting in bed do not! The people at CosyCool hunted high and low to find the perfect partner duvet. They tried and tested all that they could find on the market and none lived up to their expectations. They were either too bulky, not cool or warm enough or proved difficult to get into a duvet cover. In short, they just didn’t solve the problem of how to keep two people cosy comfy and cool. So they made their own! And the CosyCool dual-tog, all season partner duvet was born. Their innovative, three piece system has been designed to end the battle between the one who likes to sleep in a toasty bed and the other who burns hotter and prefers to keep things cool. Now you can each individualise your side of the duvet!

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