Launched in December 2017, Myza stands as a distinctive online platform dedicated to enhancing the sleep experience, drawing inspiration from the Swedish concept of coziness, as echoed in our name.


The Best Dressing Gowns and Robes to Shop

The trusty dressing gown is the ultimate sleepwear staple. There is no better feeling than getting home after a long day of work and wrapping yourself in your favourite robe on the sofa with a good tv show (maybe a cheeky bit of chocolate to finish it off to make it the perfect evening as well!). Along with a chic pair of pyjamas or a warm cozy pair of slippers, a luxury dressing gown finishes off the perfect sleepwear outfit. No wardrobe is complete without a dressing gown so here at myza we have selected the very best dressing gowns available.


The Best Women’s Pyjamas to Get a Good Nights Sleep

The best women’s pyjamas available in 2024 – There’s nothing quite like treating yourself to a new pyjama set. Now that WFH is the new normal for so many, surely the best part of home working is doing it in a stylish but comfortable pair of pyjamas! When you type in women’s pyjamas in google you get thousands (if not millions) of search results but don’t worry, hat myza we have got you covered and consolidated the best women’s pyjama sets on the market. From silky sets to traditional cotton stripe, have a browse of the 25 best pyjama sets available.

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